Monday, April 14, 2014

Wilko Johnson - The Best Of (CD), Reissue - #166

Wilko Johnson - The Best Of (CD), Reissue

Just seen it on the internet, Cadiz is releasing "The Best Of  Wilko Johnson,Volume One And Two" again. This time as a double CD in one digipack. Different cover "art" and ...

... I'm speechless. Completely, totally and utterly speechless. Right now, I'm convinced that I will not buy this cash-in release. My opinion might change in twenty years time and then I have to seek a copy on the collector's market, but right now, I think this is an unparalleled insolence ...

Better off, if I shut my mouth.



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stupidity - #165


With all the recent hype regarding the new Wilko Johnson release, I couldn't help but notice some "hardcore fans" posting messages about how much they like what Wilco is doing and how the CD/LP of their favourite artist has been spinning constantly, how they were with Wilco all through the years and how Wilco's new album was the best since the invention of sliced bread.

Well, to all of you diehard Wilco fans, the name of the man is Wilko. Just thought I'd point this out, so that you won't take a shoe full, next time you pretend to be on the inside. There was a review on the "Back In The Night" and "Red Hot Rocking Blues" vinyl releases in the April 2014 issue of Record Collector. While I don't agree whith the writer's opinion about both albums, there's a remarkable sentence at the end:

"But a new and final album (albeit covering his classics, yet again!) is likely to pick up the fair-weather fans' buck." Never a truer word has been spoken. If this all sounds a bit too cynical, that's the way it is intended to be.