Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wilko Johnson - French And U.K. Dates 2013 - #114

Wilko Johnson - French And U.K. Dates 2013

As you've probably seen on the Wilko Johnson Website (http://www.wilkojohnson.org/), there are a few gigs in France (four in February) and the U.K. (four in March) lined up. I was thinking of making the trip to the U.K. to see Wilko on stage once more, until I realised that the Bartenheim gig in France on February 9, 2013 was only about 20 kilometers across the border from where I live. Of course I'll be there, but in some kind of strange way, I'm not exactly looking forward to it. To a Wilko Johnson gig any day, but this one?



Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wilko Johnson - Don't Let Your Daddy Know - #113

Wilko Johnson - Don't Let Your Daddy Know

"Unfortunately" this is my musical diet these days. When I'm at home, some Wilko Johnson record is on the turntable or a CD is in the player. Not that I have to force myself to listen to the man, it's just a bit akward in the face of the recent news. I've followed the man since I became aware of Dr. Feelgood sometime in 1974 (that was before they even had their debut album out on the street). And I have to say, Wilko Johnson has ever since been a benchmark of my musical life. It really is strange, how one puts so much meaning into someone he hardly knows.

The title track is a masterpiece on this CD. 13+ minutes of the most relaxed, the most rocking and the most in your face Wilko Johnson you can imagine. The song has been included on other Wilko solo live releases (and of course on the "Malpractice album as a studio version), but this here is by far the best, quite an understatement, let me try again, a state of the art version of this song. Every time I'm playing this album, the CD goes in and plays track number four first and only then can I start from the beginning. A masterpiece! But the whole album is on top of the competition, talk about a desert island disc, here we go! Of course, this is also on my smartphone, so when I need a shot of R&B, it's ready to be brought out.

Afaik, the CD is long OOP and there was a time around five to ten years back, when you had to pay around EUR 50/60 for a secondhand copy. Prices have gone down in the meantime and you should be able to fish it for around EUR 20/25. Worth every cent and then some, I have to add. If it just wasn't for the bad news I'm listening to this CD now.$



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wilko Johnson - #112

Wilko Johnson

News broke today, that Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. According to reports, he's refusing treatment. He's doing a few shows in Japan at the moment and will honour some french dates afterwards. I'm a bit distracted right now and at a loss for words. All I can do is wish Wilko the strength to go through this.



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mammoth Mammoth - Volume III, Hell's Likely - Limited Edition - #111

Mammoth Mammoth - Volume III, Hell's Likely - Limited Edition

All the best in 2013 to all of you reading this blog and keep on rockin'. Let's see what the new year has in stock for us. The old one brought this album, which I found literally hours away from finishing 2012. I have no idea about the band, except that it seems to be an outfit from Down Under. Australia has come up with some exceptionally good bands in the popular music genre, Bondi Cigars for one, Beasts Of Bourbon another combo and a host of other orchestras. And no, AC/DC is not one of them. One of the exceptionally good ones, that is, not even just plain good.

Mammoth Mammoth (what a silly name!) seems to have been at it for a couple of years, although I haven't really gathered a lot of information about the band. Their Website is nothing to write home about and there's only bits and pieces strewn throughout the www universe. I'm no big fan of Hardrock, but this one does nicely. My usual reference points are Motörhead and ... yes, Motörhead. Plus a few others, but they are a bit different from your normal 08/15 Hardrock fare (Winter is one). Mammoth Mammoth play the kind of rough Rock that has a lot of grip. Not the kind that slushes everything around and where the singer sounds like he's got his testicles mangled. No, this band plays precise, hard and to the point and the singer has a real voice (and not like an enuch).

I've read some reviews and to say that they all agree more or less on the same result is quite the opposite from being true. I believe no two reviewers come out with the approximate equal opinion about this album. There's people giving it just one star, there're others who give it full marks. To me, it's a 9 out of ten. This is not Progrock, some might call it rather primitive, but it certainly makes a point. Hardrock without any trumpery. A bit like Motörhead on tranquilizers, but still trying to fly through the album at 100mph.

No idea what it is with this "Limited Edition" thing, might be the 5 bonus tracks, but they're required here, since the original tracklisting is only seven songs long. The album is available on CD and LP (the latter still being in the mail to my letterbox). Released on Napalm Records NPR 460 (for the CD). A good album to start the new year and certainly a contender for album of the year 2012.