Monday, April 25, 2011

Doctor's Order - Hot And Rockin' - #7

Doctor's Order - Hot And Rockin'

Just a quick one. I've lifted this off the Doctor's Order website ( So, save your small change and put it to good use:

25.3.2011 NEW ALBUM BY JOHNNY SPENCE & DOCTOR'S ORDER WILL BE OUT IN MAY! "Hot And Rockin'" (Goofin', GRCD 6169) is the name of the new album by Johnny and the Doctors. Stunning sounding Rock'n'Roll album will be released by legendary finnish roots music label Goofin' Records. The album will be out in May, and it features Johnny and his fellow Doctors in full action, there's going to be 15 hard hitting Rock'n'Roll and Rhythm & Blues tracks. This time there are also some brand new songs; a couple of songs written by Johnny Spence and also a bunch of songs that have been previously performed by Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Hurriganes, Mungo Jerry, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Mose Allison, Lightin' Hopkins and others.



Sunday, April 24, 2011

London Rock Group - Rock'n'Roll Anthology - #6

London Rock Group - Rock'n'Roll Anthology

As a longtime Dr. Feelgood/Wilko Johnson collector, sometimes I think I've seen it all. Except what's still missing from my collection. The odd testpressing or acetate notwithstanding, I'm talking mostly variations in catalogue number and the like. And spending the better part of my life comparing tiny details is not exactly my idea of having fun in life. Not even with Dr. Feelgood/Wilko Johnson being the subject. And then, I stumble across an item, that has me scratching my head.

London Rock Group with their LP "Rock'n'Roll Anthology" is such a thing. It is, of course, non other than everyone's favourite rockband Dr. Feelgood. And just don't think, this fact is mentioned anywhere on the cover or the label. Zero, nothing,nada, niente. And to make matters even more mysterious, this is the complete "Malpractice" LP. Nothing less, nothing more. Released, apparently in Turkey on Fiesta R 19, this cries (a mixture of) counterfeit/bootleg all over the place. I just can't imagine UA having actually licensed this for release as is. However, unless proven otherwise, I'll have it on my collection as a legitimate release.

I don't have to tell you anything about the "Malpractice" LP, that's like bringing owls into Athens or water into the Rhine. What you see here, is all the information you get from the cover and I can tell you, the labels are not much more of an information well, except that this is 33 1/3 rpm and dates from 1982. Apparently. And that it's in stereo and made in Turkey. Some additional information you can see in one of the scans. Bet you didn't know that the last song was called "You shouldn't Call The Doctor (If You Can't Afforel The Wills)"! So, now you know.

This LP has been in my collection for only a year or so and I see, that the seller is trying to get rid of another copy (or copies) on an auction platform. As far as I can tell, he doesn't seem to have too much success. Be prepared to dump some money. But even if it turns out, that this release is a 100 % genuine bootleg/counterfeit, this is still one of the most interesting items in my humble Dr. Feelgood/Wilko Johnson collection. Now, I just wonder what will turn up next in my letterbox.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Those Darlins - #5

Those Darlins

Every now and then, I come across a band I haven’t heard before (not even heard of the name). Just a few weeks ago, I watched some videos on YouTube. You know, all the old stuff from the 60’s in glorious black and white and with a sound quality to make you cringe. Not to speak about the 45th generation picture quality. But then, there’s very little available in the way of viewable footage and to see the latest music trend in the mid 60’s on TV does have a certain appeal. It’s not just that you suddenly feel very old and way beyond your actual age, there’s a slight grin on one’s face, seeing the youth of yesteryear dancing to the latest in beat music, with their ties on and otherwise very well behaved.

Just when I had a streak with “Shakin’ All Over”, of which one can watch hundreds of cover versions, up pops a video by a band called Those Darlins. And I’m hooked. Fantastic music, competent playing, good singing, what else do you want. It’s almost a girl group (well o.k., the drummer doesn’t look the part) and I’m sold. Of course, the version of “Shakin’ All Over” that can be found on YouTube is not an aural experience to tell your grand children about. I’ve linked another video with a decent picture and sound quality. There are some more of the same session and an “official” non-session one and they are well worth checking out too. Listen for yourself and let me know what you think. Those Darlins have released two albums (both on LP and CD) up to now. To me, this is a band I gladly spent my hard earned cash for, to acquire their albums (both my LPs are somewhere stuck in the mail and I’m awaiting these with all engines running). If I’d make a list, which I won’t do, at the end of 2011, naming my discoveries of the year, this band would certainly be competing for top spot. Highly recommended!



Monday, April 18, 2011

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Buy Beg Or Steal - #4

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Buy Beg Or Steal

A Swiss/Italian/English band from Zurich. They've been going for some years now and have just released their 5th album, called "Buy Beg Or Steal". Plus there's a sort of "Best Of", totalling their output to six full CDs. In a way, Switzerland is not the worst place whenever you want some decent Rockabilly and the Hillbilly Moon Explosion are here to prove it. Although, theirs is not the in-your-face Rockabilly that you might expect. There's lots of excellent songwriting to be heard, some of it very laidback and owing more to a performance in a bar at midnight. Most of the tracks are originals written by the band (or by one or two of their members). Maybe you remember "Johnny Are You Gay?" from one of their earlier albums, which almost became a hit.

The killer argument to listen to this CD (and all the others that came before this one), is a certain Emanuela Hutter, she of lead and backing vocals and rhythm guitar duties. Whenever she sings, there are some tracks sung by Oliver Baroni, the sun just rises in the East. Never mind come midnight. In fact, would it be my call, I would've handed vocal duties over to Mrs. Hutter on all tracks. I get a bit distracted when Oliver Baroni takes the mike. Emanuela doesn't have a rough, shouting voice, as so many female rockabilly singer seem to think is absolutely necessary. No, hers is a nice, soothing voice, but by no means girlish. It's just perfect and you will understand why Mr. Baroni is slighty off the mark, when you listen to the CD. One of the few cover versions is "Enola Gay", which, thankfully, finds Mrs. Hutter at the mike.

"My Love For Evermore" is one of the most noteworthy tracks on this album and there's a video to it as well. Emanuela Hutter sings this song together with "Sparky" of Demented Are Go. For more information, go to



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Steve Hooker - Before The Rooster Crows - #3

Steve Hooker - Before The Rooster Crows

A new Steve Hooker release is always very welcome. This here is almost a year old and has nearly been played to death in my CD player. Fourteen slices of Rock, the way I like it. There's even a Dr. Feelgood connection. "When The Night Comes Down Again" features Wilko Johnson on guitar.  And being the completist collector of everything Dr. Feelgood/Wilko Johnson, this is a must have. However, don't think for a second I'm collecting Steve Hooker because of the Wilko Johnson connection. The guy is excellent in his own right, there is no need for namedropping. Having said that, I must mention Boz Boorer and Levi Dexter on a few tracks as well. But this is a Steve Hooker release and not one of these awful "... And Friends" outings, that are sold only on the strength of the guest participants.

What is being offered here, is the trademark Rock/Rockabilly, that you've already heard on some of his earlier records. A few of the tracks have already made an appearance on earlier releases. Without having gone through the tracklisting, I'd say, most of the cuts are new to the public. Even discounting remastered songs. Besides the track featuring Wilko Johnson, my favourites are clearly "40 Dollar Picture In A Priceless Golden Frame" with Boz, "Downtown" with Levi (that has a heavy heavy rhythm and I can't decide wether it turns into the Rock'n'Roll or the Bluesrock lane - whatever, a fantastic piece) , ""Snake Eyed Mama" with Levi (a straight enough Rock'n'Roller) or "Jeannie With The Dark Blue Eyes" with Tetsuji and Hiroshi. If I don't mention the other songs, this is not because they're not worthwile. It's rather that all fourteen slices are fantastic.

I've seen the CD in a few shops, so I have to assume, that there's some sort of a decent distribution. The album is very recommended and your dealer can order this for you. You can also point your browser to and buy it directly from Steve's own website (and get some other stuff you're still missing out). Support the artist and keep good music alive. You won't regret handing over your hard earned cash for this CD.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pete Gage - Tough Talk - #2

Pete Gage - Tough Talk

Of course, Pete Gage is known to most of us as the singer of a revived "Dr. Feelgood", after their only remaining original member, Lee Brilleaux, had died in 1994. A post 1994 Dr. Feelgood simply doesn't exist for me. Period. But I have to say, Pete Gage did a very good job and was sold way under his profile. That's me crying over spilled milk. But since then, I'm a real fan of Pete Gage. This is only his third outing as a solo artist (afaik). This 2010 release on Goofin' Records (GRCD 6165) is now almost one year old and it's about bloody time I'll say something about it.

Don't expect anything close to a reheated "Dr. Feelgood" outing, although there is "Standing At The Crossroads Again" on this CD. What you get with Pete Gage solo is usually a very laidback sound, somewhere between crooner and rocker. With a lot of Blues thrown in, for good measure. Of the 15 tracks, eleven (twelve) are Pete Gage originals and, to me, the man is a songwriter par excellence. This is stuff I'd like to see live in a small club or in the evenings at home, with a proper dram within reach. The album is best described as a cornupia of sounds, drawing from all over the world. There's Blues, there's Rock, there's Bluesrock, there's a whiff of Cajun and there's the european entertaining style, so far removed from easy listening, that one hardly recognises it as such. Mind you, this is not an easy listening CD, don't get the idea. It's just a relaxing kind of disc (if your idea of relaxing is somewhat near mine).

The CD has been recorded in Finland and features, amongst others, Gypie Mayo, of former Dr. Feelgood fame, whose parts have been played in the U.K. And, best of all, my friends of the finnish rockband Doctor's Order have participated in this enterprise. Archie Hämäläinen on guitar and Teppo Nättilä on bass. And they are doing a hell of a job. Now, if I can only make it to a Pete Gage solo gig one day, that'll be the day! If he's playing anywhere near your place, don't hesitate and grab the chance to see a very fine performer. And don't forget to buy the album.



Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Practice Rocks - #1

A few of you might know my website where one can find some information about Dr. Feelgood and Wilko Johnson (and some other musicians). A website is a troublesome thing these days and there are quicker ways (and easier to handle), I'm trying my luck at a blog. Some things you might have otherwise found on my website, will appear here. Namely reviews of everything related to the Dr. Feelgood universe. But this is not all. As there is not a lot to say these days about the once best in the world Rock'n'Roll Band and their once upon a time leadguitarist, you're going to read here about the whole, incredibly strange and fascinating world of music, be it Rock, Blues, Jazz, old or new. This is my rant here and I'll try to have one post per week at least. Let's see if I can come up with something worthwile to say. For the purpose of this blog, I'll sign this with Devon (inside joke!).