Thursday, April 21, 2011

Those Darlins - #5

Those Darlins

Every now and then, I come across a band I haven’t heard before (not even heard of the name). Just a few weeks ago, I watched some videos on YouTube. You know, all the old stuff from the 60’s in glorious black and white and with a sound quality to make you cringe. Not to speak about the 45th generation picture quality. But then, there’s very little available in the way of viewable footage and to see the latest music trend in the mid 60’s on TV does have a certain appeal. It’s not just that you suddenly feel very old and way beyond your actual age, there’s a slight grin on one’s face, seeing the youth of yesteryear dancing to the latest in beat music, with their ties on and otherwise very well behaved.

Just when I had a streak with “Shakin’ All Over”, of which one can watch hundreds of cover versions, up pops a video by a band called Those Darlins. And I’m hooked. Fantastic music, competent playing, good singing, what else do you want. It’s almost a girl group (well o.k., the drummer doesn’t look the part) and I’m sold. Of course, the version of “Shakin’ All Over” that can be found on YouTube is not an aural experience to tell your grand children about. I’ve linked another video with a decent picture and sound quality. There are some more of the same session and an “official” non-session one and they are well worth checking out too. Listen for yourself and let me know what you think. Those Darlins have released two albums (both on LP and CD) up to now. To me, this is a band I gladly spent my hard earned cash for, to acquire their albums (both my LPs are somewhere stuck in the mail and I’m awaiting these with all engines running). If I’d make a list, which I won’t do, at the end of 2011, naming my discoveries of the year, this band would certainly be competing for top spot. Highly recommended!



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