Sunday, July 11, 2021

Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order – Crude And Rude - No. 248

Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order – Crude And Rude


Strange. I listened to this CD a couple of times over the weeks since it's in my possession. Not once in its entirety, I hasten to add. It was not because of the music on offer, I can guarantee you that much, more of a general distraction and an overall lazy behaviour. Well, that is until recently. I've written so much about Doctor's Order and their music, it seems a bit of a merry-go-round for me, but fortunately, when I start writing about the band and their music, it's all fresh and I see angles I've never seen or heard before.


This last (and final) offer in the post facto series on Doctor's Order let's you have two previously unreleased studio tracks and 12 live tasters from Juttutupa and Swengi. The two studio tracks wouldn't have been misplaced on a regular Doctor's Order album. "No More Doggin'" is as close to Dr. Feelgood as it can get and "My Babe" goes way back to Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. For this alone you'll have to get this CD (Finnish Music & Media/Finnish All Music Media Oy – as usual).



The "Live At Juttutupa" section comprises of nine tracks recorded on October 8, 2016. The music is again geared towards Johnny Spence. The real surprise here is "Hot Wheels". I had to doublecheck, just so to avoid blowing warm air. It's the old Hurriganes track. The latter are an institution in Finland and if you want to become a resident there, you have to go to their immigration office and explain in detail how many records by the Hurriganes you have in your collection and then you're tested in a 10 page multiple answer questionnaire. No mistakes allowed or you'll be sent back home.


I've no idea where this tape is coming from (Teppo's stash, no doubt about it), but it certainly is not of soundboard quality. Sounds a bit like a proper audience recording. You have to compromise on sound quality here, but it's still very worthwhile. But then, I'm a bit(!) biased, as I've seen this line-up twice at the Juttutupa and the gig was excellent as always and it's a good place to be. Having said that, I need to put the sound quality in perspective. It's very enjoyable and a far shot from bootlegs of, say, the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin in my collection (or some Dr. Feelgood ones). 



On March 7, 2009 the "Live At Swengi" closes the proceedings with 3 more tracks. The audio quality picks up considerably on these songs. This is more in your face, more punch, more everything. And this is the other "for this alone you'll have to get the CD" comment. It just blows you out of your rocking chair. That's the way Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order will be remembered.


Ensio Takamäki (sometime Harmonica player – on recordings and live) is part of the gig at the Juttutupa, so I'm not 100 % sure I wasn't at the very gig these tracks are coming from. I quite like the cover image, thumbs up. The CD is limited to 100 copies only and at the time of writing this entry, a bare 10 copies are left.





Wednesday, April 28, 2021

LPs made out of recycled vinyl! 2021! - No. 247

LPs made out of recycled vinyl! 2021!


No, the header is not a joke! At least when it's up to Rhino who had the bright idea to go full bonkers on a release of an LP made out of recycled vinyl. Read all about it (The Who) in: Rhino's marketing dept. back to the past and let me quote Wanda Jackson "'Cause I'm a Fujiyama Mama and I'm just about to blow my top!". 2021! I had to check we're not back in the 70s, and Rhino comes hopping along and has the guts to sell a reissue of an album to the public by thinking the label and their marketing honchos are the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Let me tell you, you're not! You've gone from a decent (sometimes good) label to the absolute bottom of the barrel. You're trying to sell your cheap shot at getting a free ride on the climate change issues as a service to humankind, when all you do is throwing up a smokescreen. Rhino, you swivel chair warriors, you might be much too young to remember the 70s when your forefathers tried this stunt already and failed miserably. Granted, it was back in the day because of oil shortage, but history showed what the result was, a product not even good enough for a landfill.


And now your blabbering about saving the earth by saving carbon dioxide and we should buy it off your greedy hands. Thanks, but no thanks. I tell you something, even though I'm one of the people to buy every product that has been released which bears the Dr. Feelgood name (as long as it's not with Bobby on the mic), I'll gladly pass on this. And there's one more, I'll pass on every other product that'll be released by Rhino in the future. And I do something for the climate, you won't have to ship so much of your needless product around the world.


Keep on pulling your customers' legs, I won't shed a tear for you and your miserable excuse of a has been.





Friday, April 16, 2021

Lockdown Docs – 110% Rock'n'Roll - Number 246

Lockdown Docs – 110% Rock'n'Roll


What are you supposed to be doing, when you know the band and listen to the new CD for the first time and later you'll write a review? Not as easy as it sounds, on the one hand you want to be as honest as possible and on the other you know, a review, to fold down the band, is simply out of the question. Thankfully, I never had to bend over backwards with Doctor's Order. The only difference it would have made, I'd have written less because I wouldn't have known the band so well. Less insight and more hot air. I do confess, sometimes it gets in the way, but I believe I sailed those waters.


Up come the Lockdown Docs and after the demise of Doctor's Order,  the lead guitarist Arto "Archie" Hämäläinen and the very first drummer in the band, Timppa "Mad Man" Väätäinen have found themselves in a new band. They've already released an EP with four tracks (see somewhere below) which is now followed by a sixtracker. At this rate, we can expect 8 tracks for the next release and before you can count to ten a full album is on the horizon.



Not to drag the suspension endlessly out, the CD is excellent. I've listened to the tracks a few times online and now that the item has come into my posession via the help of the Finnish and Swiss postal service, it has been played thin and transparent ever since. Not true, you say? CDs can't be played thin and transparent, you say? Oh well, have your say! And now a commercial break: You can order this limited release from Blues-Shop in Finland (and that's the only place you can get it) but you'll have to move, as of April 16, 2021 only 25 copies are left. The band has their own website here.


What do you get? Six tracks of well worn ditties, played the way every self respecting band should play British styled R'n'B. There are some bands that play covers in their own way, some bad, some good and some the Lockdown Docs way. The EP clocks in at just beyond the 18 minutes mark (which is the only downside of this release – should have been an extended version, if you ask me). The line-up is still


Jonatan Nurminen: Vocals & Guitar

Archie Hämäläinen: Guitar & Vocals

Timppa "Mad Man" Väätäinen: Drums, Vocals & Percussion

Vellu Hyötyläinen: Bass & Vocals


The band sounds ... and I mean it, very well aware that I'm out there in the wild with this opinion, like a very worthwhile ersatz Dr. Feelgood. And I do mean this in the best possible and truest sense of the word. Yet they bring in a lot of their own anger and enthusiasm. Anger is maybe too strong a word, it's more like they know what they do and don't seem to give a care in the world. And for this alone, they get a mention from me on the wall of fame. This is serious stuff and it's amazing to hear the band delivering the tracks so easyhanded yet with pure expertise. 



The tracks:


You Don't Love Me

Of course, I'd like to think I know my Dr. Feelgood well enough to have an educated opinion. But I'm getting in my own way here. If I want a Dr. Feelgood cover, this is it. That's the way it has to sound. Competent is the word. The playing is flawless (to my ears at least) and in the great tradition of our favourite orchestra. Remarkable guitar work, drums well worth a Big Figure mention and Sparko on bass (wait, this is not Sparko? Really?) and the killer, a singer who's more than able to hold his own. Sometimes there's a bit of Lee and sometimes a bit of Pete. Just extremely well done, guys!


Ninety Nine And A Half (Won't Do)

"Got To Have A Hundred", this is 100 (percent, that is), don't fear. They don't slack (and won't throughout this EP). Since Archie hasn't replied to my question regarding the recording conditions, I'm still feeling my way around in the dark. Suffice to say, the sound quality is very good and suits my tastes. Good performance and the sound to match, what else do I want?



If I need to pick one track which closest resembles Dr. Feelgood, it's most certainly "Monkey" ... or "My Buddy Buddy Friends" ... or "You Don't Love Me", you get the drift. What else can I say but another top rendition of a well know song, performed ages ago by our alltime favourite band.


Rattlesnake Shake

No idea where this is coming from. The Lockdown Docs make this into a Dr. Feelgood cover, even though they never (to my knowledge) played this. It breathes this British R'n'B style that we all know and love. Do I think of Dr. Feelgood when listening to this track? Certainly, without a doubt. At second place! First to mind comes the Ronski Gang. Every song that uses the word "shake" more than three times is ingrained in my brain as a link to the latter. You just need to understand that they have a handful of songs in their repertoire that make "shake" almost their sole lyric. I can understand how this became some sort of cult in Finland.


My Buddy Buddy Friends

Again, excellent guitarwork and vocals plus an engine room taking no prisoners. I'm spoilt. I wish more CDs would be like this. Not necessarily covers (although I glady accept it in this quality), but original material would also be very welcome (two originals are on their first CD/EP). Sometimes I'm talking about music to people I know and if they don't know me very well and I have to explain what I'm trying to find in a song (and its performance), this must be it. Maybe to a lesser extend the song itself, but certainly one for the ability in delivering the thing.


So Long

And here we are, bidding farewell with another classic. Six tracks to the highest standards and not a dud in sight. This is so much to the point, it's amazing. Granted, you have to be into this kind of music to really appreciate the value. The question remains, what would I have thought if I didn't know who's playing here (at least the 50 % that I know)? Rest assured, I would have asked just what hit me. The Lockdown Docs? What's their back catalogue? They must be active since forever (which, in a way, some of them really are).


I hesitate to call the Lockdown Docs a cover band (which they obviously are), as they are on a level far removed from your average copycats. This is now ten songs in and I hope I'll see the band one day in a live setting. They must come down a storm. Keep on rocking and show the world how it's really done!





Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Steve Hooker – The Old Testament Of Love (CD) - Number 245

Steve Hooker – The Old Testament Of Love (CD)

It's 2021 and I'm reviewing a CD that has been released in 2019. An antique really, if you think of it. Pre-pandemic times and all, when live gigs were still the normal, nobody walked around with a face mask, you met people you wanted just because there was a pub crawl in the making and noone barked at you because the queue you were standing in at the cashiers didn't move fast enough. Oh well, those were the times, easy peasy and then some.

Truth be told, with lots of free time on my hands, I've been listening to CDs like there's no tomorrow. 2017 up until the end of 2020 I only listened to special CDs that meant a lot to me (such as this one) and a bit of radio (Oui FM Blues'n'Rock is a favourite of mine at the moment). On my desk beside the laptop I have a small pile of CDs that get a regular play. Not much change there, sometimes a new one makes the cut and an old acquaintance leaves the inner circle. "The Old Testament Of Love" belongs to this circle and will remain there for some time to come.Comes January 2021 and for whatever reason I dive head-in and listen to a couple of albums a day again. Don't ask! I've no idea.


For the life of me, I can't remember were I bought this album. I'm pretty sure it must have been online somewhere. Little things like this drive me nuts, even though they're not really important in life. Now, where did I get this one from ...? From my desk a few minutes ago, that'll have to do for now. If you want to order directly from the artists, here's the link. Have a look around, there's more than CDs to be had.

I do remember seeing Steve Hooker in concert at a local place called Sommercasino back when we were a bit younger. It was quite the Rockabilly set and a very enjoyable gig. I must have had some of Steve's releases before that, because I knew the name and what to expect. In the end it was even more Rockabilly than I thought it'd be. No problem for me, because the genre makes up a substantial part of my interest and collection. Some people in the audience were even dressed to the nines, so I felt a bit out of place. However, it was a great evening. Steve has also played the Atlantis, a very well known local venue, but I seem to have missed this gig.

"The Old Testament Of Love" clocks in at just under 28 minutes. What you get are seven original songs (or instrumentals). One such instrumental is "Necktie Party", which I have firmly placed in the Surf corner. When I say Surf, it's not the Beach Boys style but rather a bit of Dick Dale, with absolutely great guitar work. "The First One's Always Free" is a heavy, heavy Blues. Not heavy as in loud, but every step has been carved out of stone. This is one direction of the Blues I cherish. Excellent vocals as well (listen for yourself), this is one of those songs that won't leave your brain and you'll begin to see white mice, because it follows you around 24/7. With more than 7 minutes, it's a kind of signature tune as well.

The following "The Old Testament Of Love" is a bit of a hybrid between straight Rock with touches of Garage and class songwriting. I'm no audiophile in the true sense of the word, but I like very well recorded music. This is such a CD. It's not tiresome and without checking, I don't think the music has been brickwalled (i might test the DR later on – not that I give much credit to this, but I believe music shouldn't be overcompressed). "Don't Let The Deal Go Down" is Rock'n'Roll as it should be played today. Modern tradition (if this makes any sense). An album with this branch of R'n'R on offer, I'll buy it every day.


Very much a heavy offer is "Tighten It", heavy again. I don't know, is it me or ... when I name a favourite track from a CD/an LP, it's almost always such a footstomper. I could easily name a couple of dozen albums where this is the case for me. "Crows Legs" is another instrumental (just as the aforementioned "Tighten It"), but with a different twist. This is Steve on bottleneck, very much a southern twang (on guitar that is). My kind of music. To the point and yet enormously relaxed. I don't know how difficult it is to play this precise and yet seemingly without a care in the world. And the closer is "Mister Mojo Man", one on the heavy side again. When I say heavy side, you don't get any ballads here in contrast to "heavy", but the three tracks that I picked as being heavy, that's indeed what they are.Again, this is not loud, this is like Godzilla following you at night in the otherwise empty streets. Geddit?


Now, if you'd point your browser in the direction of Steve's website and buy some product, I'll make sure to put your name up on my wall of fame. Thanks for your support and besides, you're doing yourself a favour.



Thursday, March 11, 2021

Lockdown Docs – Same (EP CD) - No. 244

Lockdown Docs – Same (EP CD)


Not sure how I came onto the Lockdown Docs. My best guess is that I either searched for Archie or for Timppa. Up pops a band calling themselves Lockdown Docs and they are from Finland. Just enough to pique my interest. And then I read that a certain Mr. Archie Hämäläinen was lending his axe to the proceedings (plus vocals – really?) and Mr. Timo „Madman“ Väätäinen on drums (and vocals – probably not true, must be fake news). You have to understand, that both of these guys were in a band called Doctor’s Order (who you might know about, if not, there’s one or two posts in this blog).


Neither Archie nor Timppa were known to take up much vocal duties (if at all) in their former band, although Archie did so on backing vocals very few times. When I heard the first track I just couldn’t believe it. He must have been beaten with a club over his head to tackle this. Not bad, not bad at all. But Timppa, on no album that I can recall or no live show I’ve seen did I hear im participating with vocals. Just no! Well times they are changing indeed.


As far as I know, the EP CD can only be bought from Blues-Shop in Finland. They’re quick and the product comes fast, but the postage rates are murder if you reside outside of Finland. Just wanted to warn you. I did find some tracks online to be listened to (there’s even a YT video available), but really, internet and streaming and/or downloads are not for me. The soundquality is nothing to write home about (thin sound and you know immediately, this can be bettered). Of course, I had to have the CD. And here it is. Four tracks, clocking in at just beyond the 10 minute mark. This is more like a taster (or a trailer, if this would be a movie).


For tracklisting, credits and line-up please see the scan. What do you get here? Four tracks, not a million miles away from Doctor’s Order. Just the right spicy R&B/Rock that has enjoyment written all over. So that there’s no misunderstanding, by R&B I’m talking about the British style (not the U.S. version), the one having found a home in the pubs in the 70’s and best described as kin to Dr. Feelgood, Inmates, Nine Below Zero etc.


I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of Jonatan Nurminen (vocals, guitar and percussion) or Vellu Hytötyläinen (bass and vocals), but I’ll ask Archie or Timppa and maybe there’ll be a follow-up to this post. There’s Esa Kuloniemi as guest on tracks 3 and 4 (guitar). He does ring a bell, and a loud one. I’ve met Esa during the noughties at YLE (thanks to Teppo Nättilä) and since then I’ve amassed quite a selection of records and CDs of his very own band Honey B. & The T-Bones (highly recommended btw – the earlier albums are more of the bluesy kind and the latter have gone more into an experimental way, not avant-garde, but your brain cells are needed there).



I’m Walking

An original track. I do know the riff from somewhere, but I can’t point my finger right now. I wanted to label this as Pubrock, but I’ve come to my senses. This is a Wilko Johnson track, if I ever heard one. It’s not just the song itself, this is a Wilko blueprint on how the guitar is played. Wunderbar! I’m floored. I’m a bit lost, I can almost see the shadow of another song behind this one. Almost, not quite.


Drives Me Wild

Of course, you, reading this blog, know this track by heart. Excellent rendition and not some half baked cover version. If I’m not totally mistaken, there are some vocal tracks layered upon each other. Excellent sound quality btw. I need to ask how they’ve recorded the CD (homerecording or studio – it sounds like the latter).


I’ll Run Away

The second original on offer here. The more I listen to this EP, the more I hear Wilko Johnson (as the tutor). Chopping style and everything. Or Mick Green, which is stylistically about the same. I’ll stand by my earlier assessment, this is ca. 1975/1976 and the Thames Delta is just outside the front door.


Hully Gully

A well worn ditty that needs no introduction. Fits in (with an exotic touch) with the rest of the songs on offer here. And I’m sorry, this is the last song tonight. You’ve 15 minutes to drink up and leave. Thank you and good night.





Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Glorias – Timeless Zone (CD) - No. 243

The Glorias – Timeless Zone (CD)


A local band hauling from the Basel area but well known throughout Switzerland. Their first record was released in 1987 and here we are in 2021 with their 5th offering. You can find their complete discography on Discogs: The first two albums were LP releases only, while number 3 and 4 came onto the market as CDs only. The new one is a CD and LP release and if I’m not mistaken, the CD is limited to 300 copies while the LP has a mere 100 copies on the clock.


The band set out to play (more or less) Garage Rock, at a time, I have to add, when the genre wasn’t in very much high regard around here. The Basel area is, musically speaking, a strange beast. Blues and Bluesrock is almost non-existent (made by local bands, that is). Of course there are exceptions, but if you want to go for the aforementioned styles, you better search for your daily fix around the Zurich area. Likewise, if you’re into Rock’n’Roll or Rockabilly, you’re better off looking to our compatriots in the East.


But if Independent, Rap, Hip-Hop floats your boat, welcome to the hamlet called Basel. Even Jazz is hard ground for artists around here. And so it is for bands flying the flag of Garage Rock. And the Glorias have done so for the last 33 years. Five albums in all those years doesn’t sound like much, but they’ve been living on a shoe-string and privately pressing and distributing these records, they’ve not come to riches. Almost no band in Switzerland does, as a matter of fact. The exceptions like Yello, Krokus etc. are few and far between.


Garage Rock, in a way, is a genre to me, that’s as conclusive as Psych, Prog etc. I’m never buying records because of those styles but I have bought hundreds of these that are sitting nicely in my collection. The point is, with Prog, I get mostly goosebumps. Psych is the same, I’ve had discussions with Psych collectors who tried to explain what the genre really is and I either nodded off or came to the conclusion, that they didn’t know what they were talking about. A Psych expert who needs an hour to smokescreen a definition? Give me a break. In a way, I believe, the same happens with Garage Rock. Just too many views and opinions and three Garage Rock collectors come out with 15 different definitions.


That said, I have a pretty good idea, but the genre is a catch-all phrase and I listen to this kind of music because I like it, not because it’s this genre. So, take the following with a grain (or a spoonful) of salt. With my limited knowledge of Garage Rock, I tend to realize that the Glorias have come a long way from their origins. Traces of Garage are still there, but it seems the band has considerably branched out. The track „Timeless Zone“ sounds like a Raga. You could be meditating at the beach in Goa. O.k., with more than eight minutes, this is an unusual track anyway (at least for the Glorias). If I’m not completely mistaken, I hear even traces of Psych in the last song (that’s me, no idea and still twaddle like a know-it-all).


„Keep On Trying“ (and others) has a kind of 60’s feeling. A bit on the Kinks side, if you want to know. Garage? 60’s? Kinks? I believe I nailed this one. „Love Maniac“ is next: More between 60’s and 90’s. Traces of punk and the urgent feel of a song being shouted at the masses. Excellent guitar work. No idea who’s guitar this is, Bernie’s or Marco’s, not much else to choose from. „Give Me A Sign“ is up: A word about the quality of the recording, although these are essentially homestudio recorded tracks, the quality is excellent. However, I’ve only listened a few times to the CD on my office stereo, still have to drag this over to my main equipment. And believe me, normally there’s a difference between the two that you can immediately notice. The main one is much brighter, has a better bass foundation and an overall richer sound. This track is probably the most garagey of the lot. 70’s with gimmicks on guitar and a sound that would make Gary Moore cry (ca. „I Still Got The Blues“).


Track number 4 is called „Wolf“: Another thing about the music, I like it very much when the instruments are kept separated. Not a mash like some NWOBHM (sorry Bernie), this here is perfection to me. For the life of me, I can’t decide which direction this song takes. Traces of this and that but I’m not sure. The singer can wail „I Don’t Get The Blues“ until the cows come home, I haven’t got a clue. The next is a Medley consisting of three separate songs, namely "Living In The City“, "Jeanny" and "Rhythm Gets You“: Again, a bit of the 60’s and harder edged bands of the time. I’ve heard such production for the vocals before. Very well done. This is one to wear the colours of Garage Rock proudly.


„Mr Important Man“: I believe, we’re stuck in 1967/1968 as this sounds very much like those times. O.k., the guitar wouldn’t have been played as is, back in the day. This is more modern and 1992ish. „FFF“: The wider Pubrock scene comes to mind. Eddie & The Hot Rods“ and New Wave. „Red Hot“: Now, this is more New Wave than anything else. The Cure seem to have given a helping hand. Early Cure.


„Take The Money And Run“ is the next one: A touch of Dr. Feelgood and the Pubrock scene during the first half of the 70’s. Remarkable to realize, that all these songs are originals (not a single cover version). „Susie“ is the second to last on offer: Again, more in the Dr. Feelgood vein of things. Musically excellent and on top.


“Timeless Zone“ has already been mentioned at the beginning.  See scan for tracklisting and line-up. I’ve seen Morten Garn (Bass) years ago in a Dr. Feelgood coverband. I still have recordings here. They were the deal (as far as coverbands go) and I enjoyed their live shows as well as the CDs. Morten has been a member of the Glorias for years and years. As for Bernie Rotzinger, he’s the owner of the Atlantis Record shop in Switzerland: or on Discogs, where he trades under the name rotzinger - you can order the Glorias CD directly from him (and, I believe, there are a few of the other items still available). Bernie ships abroad (Paypal, Cash, Direct Credit Card).


Btw, I don’t want to hide this, I’m a regular customer at the Atlantis Record shop but I don’t have a business interest there. I’ve made this review as a fan only.





Monday, February 22, 2021

Pete Gage & Doctor’s Order – Down By The Lakeside (CD) - No. 242

Pete Gage & Doctor’s Order – Down By The Lakeside (CD)


I believe Teppo did tell me about this gig on May 16, 2009 in Järvenpää (Finland). Way back when. What I didn’t know, that there was a recording of those proceedings gathering dust in his archive. And just this has been made available in a very limited quantity on CD. Get it while you can at FAMCD25. Well worth it and a must-have (before I forget to mention this).


Talk about a neutral reception of this CD. Certainly not, throw your even handed approach out of the window (and don’t forget to open it before you do so). Who says you have to be fair and impartial? Urban myths, that’s all. When I heard of the existence of this recording, I did have skyhigh expectations and I knew that no matter what, these would 100 % be met. And let me say, I was not disappointed. Disappointment didn’t even come into the equation and a balanced view is for cowards.




Pete Gage and Doctor’s Order  take a place at the front row when it comes to my music taste, there’s no doubt about that. I didn’t expect that my attention span, by listening to this CD, was so torn between Pete and the band. It took a while for me to get settled and after a few run throughs I was able to enjoy the offerings as they were meant to be. First I mostly listened to Pete and had 99 % of my concentration on his vocals. Next I listened to the band. What were they up to? Don’t get me wrong, they are a match if I ever heard one. This is just me, it’s hard to split your loyality, when you’re in my shoes, with both of these artists.


What can I say about the music? The track selection is geared towards Pete Gage (of course) ca. Dr. Feelgood, even though Doctor’s Order are no stranger to these songs (see full list in the picture below). The band is up to the task and delivers a tight set, really setting the stage for Pete. Uncompromising, solid, on fire and just plain fantastic. Well done Kimmo, Archie and Teppo, you really shine. And Pete himself, just great, so bloody great! The way I do remember him from the days way back. To me, his way is very distinct and carries over to his solo outings as well. This set is more of his rocking side, while the later solo stuff is more the bluesy and ballad stuff. But the voice is there, make no mistake.




Listening to Doctor’s Order without any of their original songs in their set is a bit strange, but doesn’t distract at all. They do lean in with their combined weight and are always on top. Track 13 „Sweet Disposition“ is a joint venture (Gage, Hämäläinen, Nättilä, Tuominen). The CD gets a double thumbs up on all counts.


A sad point: Kimmo „Mighty Man“ Oikarinen (Drums) has recently died. So this is a fine farewell to one of the good guys.


At the beginning of 2020 I decided to get my arse to the U.K. and go to a Pete Gage gig (and if ever possible see if I can make a Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue as well). Doesn’t look like 2021 will allow me to do so. 2022? Come one, don’t let me be sitting here, twiddling my thumbs. I do know humankind has other problems at this time, but shine a lttle light, will you?





Sunday, January 3, 2021

Doctor's Order - Rehearsals Are For Sissies! Live! Feat. Juha Takanen On Drums! No. 241

Doctor's Order - Rehearsals Are For Sissies! Live! Feat. Juha Takanen On Drums!  

Doctor's Order keep on being a surprise bag. What I didn't know until the beginning of last December, that Juha Takanen was sitting in for a few shows when Harry couldn't make it for one reason or the other. One such gig was recorded and has been released on CD. The bad news first: The CD is limited to 75 copies only and is available from Blues-Shop Finland and nowhere else. Might well be that it's sold out in the meantime. Just try your luck.

The gig was recorded live at The Baron in Vammala/Finland on August 24, 2007. I'm not going into details about the set-list. Enough said of this in previous posts. What caught my ear immediately was the live atmosphere presented. This is how I remember the band on stage (o.k., the "Einstein/doo-wop reprise" is a new one to me as well). The sound has its shortages, but you can't fault the live sound which makes more than up for it.

Juha Takanen does an excellent job, but I'm being told that he was/is quite familiar with the Doctor's Order repertoire. Which, in the end, came as no surprise to me. The gig itself is probably a shortened version of the proceedings that evening, since it clocks in just under the 40 minute mark. In my memory, the band almost always played at least a 90 minute set.

If you're like me, a die-hard Doctor's Order fan, there's no question you want this CD. It shows the best of the band at the time, delivered in the signature sound this band was so well known for (sounds like an obituary, doesn't it?). When Mick Green said "Rehearsals are for sissies!, he might well thought of "Doctor's Order are not for sissies!".