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Lockdown Docs – Same (EP CD) - No. 244

Lockdown Docs – Same (EP CD)


Not sure how I came onto the Lockdown Docs. My best guess is that I either searched for Archie or for Timppa. Up pops a band calling themselves Lockdown Docs and they are from Finland. Just enough to pique my interest. And then I read that a certain Mr. Archie Hämäläinen was lending his axe to the proceedings (plus vocals – really?) and Mr. Timo „Madman“ Väätäinen on drums (and vocals – probably not true, must be fake news). You have to understand, that both of these guys were in a band called Doctor’s Order (who you might know about, if not, there’s one or two posts in this blog).


Neither Archie nor Timppa were known to take up much vocal duties (if at all) in their former band, although Archie did so on backing vocals very few times. When I heard the first track I just couldn’t believe it. He must have been beaten with a club over his head to tackle this. Not bad, not bad at all. But Timppa, on no album that I can recall or no live show I’ve seen did I hear im participating with vocals. Just no! Well times they are changing indeed.


As far as I know, the EP CD can only be bought from Blues-Shop in Finland. They’re quick and the product comes fast, but the postage rates are murder if you reside outside of Finland. Just wanted to warn you. I did find some tracks online to be listened to (there’s even a YT video available), but really, internet and streaming and/or downloads are not for me. The soundquality is nothing to write home about (thin sound and you know immediately, this can be bettered). Of course, I had to have the CD. And here it is. Four tracks, clocking in at just beyond the 10 minute mark. This is more like a taster (or a trailer, if this would be a movie).


For tracklisting, credits and line-up please see the scan. What do you get here? Four tracks, not a million miles away from Doctor’s Order. Just the right spicy R&B/Rock that has enjoyment written all over. So that there’s no misunderstanding, by R&B I’m talking about the British style (not the U.S. version), the one having found a home in the pubs in the 70’s and best described as kin to Dr. Feelgood, Inmates, Nine Below Zero etc.


I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of Jonatan Nurminen (vocals, guitar and percussion) or Vellu Hytötyläinen (bass and vocals), but I’ll ask Archie or Timppa and maybe there’ll be a follow-up to this post. There’s Esa Kuloniemi as guest on tracks 3 and 4 (guitar). He does ring a bell, and a loud one. I’ve met Esa during the noughties at YLE (thanks to Teppo Nättilä) and since then I’ve amassed quite a selection of records and CDs of his very own band Honey B. & The T-Bones (highly recommended btw – the earlier albums are more of the bluesy kind and the latter have gone more into an experimental way, not avant-garde, but your brain cells are needed there).



I’m Walking

An original track. I do know the riff from somewhere, but I can’t point my finger right now. I wanted to label this as Pubrock, but I’ve come to my senses. This is a Wilko Johnson track, if I ever heard one. It’s not just the song itself, this is a Wilko blueprint on how the guitar is played. Wunderbar! I’m floored. I’m a bit lost, I can almost see the shadow of another song behind this one. Almost, not quite.


Drives Me Wild

Of course, you, reading this blog, know this track by heart. Excellent rendition and not some half baked cover version. If I’m not totally mistaken, there are some vocal tracks layered upon each other. Excellent sound quality btw. I need to ask how they’ve recorded the CD (homerecording or studio – it sounds like the latter).


I’ll Run Away

The second original on offer here. The more I listen to this EP, the more I hear Wilko Johnson (as the tutor). Chopping style and everything. Or Mick Green, which is stylistically about the same. I’ll stand by my earlier assessment, this is ca. 1975/1976 and the Thames Delta is just outside the front door.


Hully Gully

A well worn ditty that needs no introduction. Fits in (with an exotic touch) with the rest of the songs on offer here. And I’m sorry, this is the last song tonight. You’ve 15 minutes to drink up and leave. Thank you and good night.





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  1. Just got word that postage rates have been adjusted (on the Blues-Shop website) for shipments outside of Finland. Buy with confidence!