Saturday, November 24, 2018

Rockanites - Hoodlums In The Night - No. 200

Rockanites - Hoodlums In The Night

You can bet your bottom Euro/Swiss Franc/Dollar (pun intended!), that a new Rockanites CD is always welcome to any decent music buff. Just a few days ago "Hoodlums In The Night" made it to these shores (so to speak). Tuomas does speak of a slight shift in genres. Well, maybe slighty off Rockabilly to a more straight ahead R&B (British style). What's important to me, is, wether an album talks to me. Check!

Of the ten songs on offer, nine are originals written by Tuomas (and one is a cover version from a Finnish band called Cast Iron Arms). I happen to bunker some of their output and can only recommend them. Good choice of a cover! When I finished listening to the CD the first time, I read what Tuomas had said about the album (I always like to have a fresh mind and not be influenced at first sight) and it's funny how we can disagree and still like the exact same music. But it's really the same when I'm at a Scotch Single Malt tasting and we get to talk about the spirit in our glasses, wildly diverting opinions and still a lot of common ground.

The whole CD cries Dr. Feelgood and the style of British R&B they made so famous. Mind you, not every song is the Canvey Island four in disguise. But, "Ain't gonna beg" is Dr. Feelgood, pure and unadulterated from the opening riff to the finish line. If there's some Motörhead in there, and I'm no stranger to Lemmy and the guys, I don't hear it. I'll have to dig out the reference though, to see wether I missed the point.

I can't relate to "Drowned In Wine" since I don't touch the stuff. Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Guinness (and Lapin Kulta), these are my favorite tipples. Enough about my drinking habits. Throughout the songs I can hear references but I'm mostly not sure where they are coming from. This track caught me on the wrong foot first, but the reference is Wilko Johnson. Even Tuomas' guitar playing reflects that. You almost got me!

Too bad, the video for "Hip Shakin' Baby" didn't come to fruition. I'd like to have watched that piece. The song "You Own The Night" does indeed own a lot to P Paul Fenech and is very well executed. A very remarkable tribute to one of my (and Tuomas') musical heroes. Listening to the Rockanites CD again, while writing this review, half my record collection is flashing before my eyes. I've piled some work up for me (relistening to a lot of records).

Not sure about "Wild Ideas", when you listen to the track, there's the word "paradise" repeated several times. I'm not sure how one can phrase a single word, but it's left hanging in the air, just like a certain John Wilkinson did in one of his songs. Of course, there are influences everywhere and you learn from the best.

The last song "Awake In The Desert" is changing gear dramatically. An instrumental with touches of Jazz and Walking Blues. If I have to make a critical statement, it's here. In my opinion, the drummer should have laid the sticks to the side and use only brooms. The frame is much too delicate for sticks. Just my 2 Cents.

Excellent album and if Tuomas let's me know where one can buy this CD, I'll add a link, an e-mail address or whatever.



P.S.: Update November 28, 2018

Please search for The Rockanites on Facebook ( and send them a private message that you would like to buy their CD (I assume, the earlier releases are also still available).Or check Goofin Records for mailorder