Thursday, December 13, 2012

Angry Johnny And The Killbillies - Bang Bang Baby Bang Bang Merry Christmas - #110

Angry Johnny And The Killbillies - Bang Bang Baby Bang Bang Merry Christmas

If you're looking for a Christmas CD, why not buy the one from Angry Johnny And The Killbillies? This is for all you folks that have sympathy for the weird and strange. Songs like "Christmas Shopping" are among the best in this genre. Mind you, you wouldn't dare playing this stuff when the day comes, with your whole family gathered around your fake rubber tree. I can assure you, that would be the death of the festivities.

But then, since you're reading this, you're a person of great taste and probably don't have a care in the world about what your next of kin is thinking about you. Be my guest, go ahead. You might even throw in "Six Bullets For Christmas" as an encore. Fourteen songs taking the mickey out of of this traditional holiday. Fourteen bitter, cynical and at times funny songs, the like we've heard from Angry Johnny And The Killbillies for about the last fifteen years (and at least twenty CDs).

This is somewhere between singer/songwriter, Rock, Country and whatever you can think of. Catchy tunes and not a boring moment (in fact, all of their releases are highly recommended). Angry Johnny's vocals are a bit like Bob Dylan on Speed, but don't worry, Robert Zimmermann is not among my Top 5000 artists, so even if you don't have a single grain of sympathy for old Bob, this might be to your liking. To buy their CDs, go to, as these days, their albums are hardly sold in regular shops. Last check there, quite a number of CDs are still available, although not everything they've released so far.

And if you're searching the website, there are two compilation CDs (including artwork) that can be downloaded for free. Even though I've bought all their releases over the years, I made the download anyway. This is one of the best bands with almost no profile over the horizon. Let me know what you think of their music.



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Suzi Quatro - Aggro-phobia - #109

Suzi Quatro - Aggro-phobia

Suzi Quatro? Yes indeed, Suzi Quatro. I'm really having, not an aggro-phobia, but a Suzi-phobia. That is to say, until a couple of years ago. They say, with age comes wisdom. Took a little longer for me to get here. No, really, if you'd have a younger sister who was a fan of some musician back then in the day, you'd be forgiven not to listen to closely. I mean, it took me ages to appreciate Status Quo and these days, I can even deal with the likes of Smokie. But this is now and now says, Suzi Quatro was great.

O.K., she always looked hot in her petite frame and her leather suits. I admit this freely. And can I say, she's looking bloody good all these years later. Not the same, she's certainly aged along with the rest of us, but still ... she must be sixty (or thereabouts). Aggro-phobia is an album I've been trying to buy on vinyl since someone mentioned this as his favourite Suzi Quatro album some years ago (hello Mellow!). But the thing is, original vinyl on the market is mostly in a deplorable state. So, a CD had to do and was bought today during lunch break.

Suzi Quatro's albums are an uneven bunch of releases (mostly to do with her vocals, on some it's excellent and on others she's overdoing her little girl act by a country mile). This here is the "normal" Suzi and the better for it. This is not so much Glam but Rock and, although there are no hits of hers on this album (or maybe because of it), this is indeed a worthwhile bit of music history. There are no gimmicks here, just straight Rock music. I can't say wether this was the prevailing sound in the mid-70's, as I wasn't into this scene, but I believe, it sets itself somehow apart from most of the other releases around that time. Even the covers such as "Heartbreak Hotel" or "Wake Up Little Susie" are well worth listening to.

The new CD (on Cherry Red - GLAM CD 131) packs eight bonus tracks on top of the original ten songs. I don't know wether they have been released somewhere else, but I can say, they've not been pulled from the trash can. And, Mellow, thanks for bringing this to my attention.



Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pogues - In Paris - #108

Pogues - In Paris

I'm a hardcore fan of Dr. Feelgood, Wilko Johnson, Doctor's Order, Alice Cooper, Angry Johnny And The Killbillies and a bunch of others ... and of the Pogues. I've seen them live with Shane drunk and I've seen them live with Shane drunk and ... I've seen them with Joe Strummer. The real deal however, was always the line-up with their erstwhile singer. Not that this is against Joe Strummer, I'm a fan of the Clash and I think Mr. Strummer made some exceptional solo records, but the Pogues were always their truest when it came to Mr. MacGowan taking vocal duties. When they had their reunion a while back, I was a bit worried about this being another tired and washed-out band taking the stage because money has to be earned somehow. And if it's to make the clown on stage, why not (in their thinking)?

I haven't seen the current Pogues yet, but I would like very much to do so. On the strength of this live album alone (recorded during two nights in September 2012 in Paris - gone are the days when one had to wait years for a live recordings being made public), the sooner the better. I'm not getting heated up about live albums. Usually. But this is a rare exception, as the thing grips me from start to finish. These are my Pogues and I don't want to hear a bad word about it. Just fantastic, I really wish I'd been there during those two nights.

The most beautiful Christmas song ever made is also present, this being, of course, "Fairytale Of New York". But, my dear Pogues, this is a song forever in my mind with you, Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl. Beautifully played here, exceptionally well sung, but Kirsty is missing and noone can ever take her place.

You can buy this as a double CD, a triple LP or a CD/DVD box (all three versions have recently arrived here, but I haven't seen the video footage yet, so no opinion about this), or as a single DVD. It's Christmas time coming up, so let it be known that you wouldn't be angry about one of these releases finding stuffed in your socks.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alice Cooper - Old School: 1964-1974 (Part 3) - #107

Alice Cooper - Old School: 1964-1974 (Part 3)

What I said about this item being overpriced (by a long shot actually, see here)

holds even more true, now that i found a 4 CD set in one of my usual hunting grounds, selling for just around EUR 32.00 (at today's rate of exchange). Of course, there's no vinyl (which is a rehash of one of the CDs anyway) and there's maybe one or the other printing material not included. Apparently, the yearbook is there), but frankly, you're better off with this very much cheaper release.

And this is from the keyboard of a major Alice Cooper fan. I've seldom wasted my money on a more useless and overpaid item and I'm actually thinking of buying this new version and selling the big box on an auction platform.



Friday, November 9, 2012

Wilko Johnson on "Dr. Feelgood" - #106

Wilko Johnson on "Dr. Feelgood"

Another one I found, Wilko Johnson about today's "Dr. Feelgood"

What he does regret, he confides, is the ‘embarrassment’ of the ‘third generation’ of musicians – no original members among them – carrying on the Dr Feelgood name.

For the original, see here:

Whistling all the way home.



Monday, November 5, 2012

Alice Cooper - AVO Session - Basel, November 4, 2012 - #105

Alice Cooper - AVO Session - Basel, November 4, 2012

Here's just a few pictures of last night's Alice Cooper gig at the AVO Session in Basel.




Friday, November 2, 2012

Cherry Tess And Her Rhythm Sparks - You Can't Plan A Thing - #104

Cherry Tess And Her Rhythm Sparks - You Can't Plan A Thing

There are female Rockabilly singers who are o.k., some are good, some are even excellent ... and then there's Cherry Tess whose on the very top, where the air is getting thin. This is, at least by my count, her third full longplay release. And it's the third on an equally high level. Released in 2012, this CD offers Class A Rockabilly. It's not very often you hear such an excellent singer and you could be forgiven for thinking that Rockabilly originates in the Swedish hinterland.

But make no mistake, the Rhythm Sparks are not to be outdone and come through as a very competent band with a lot of drive. But to me, the icing on the cake is Cherry Tess' voice. There's presence there and none of the girlie stuff that you can sometimes hear on Rockabilly records. Not unlike Rhythm Sophie a couple of entries back, or a subdued Wanda Jackson. On second thought, disregard "subdued". Here's 15 tracks for the connaisseur, alternating between orginals and cover versions.

I need to warn you, if you listen to this CD, you're going to buy the two previous ones as well. Guaranteed! This here is released on Enviken Records (EnRec 159).



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wilko Johnson on BBC 2 - #103

Wilko Johnson on BBC 2

Wilko Johnson can be heard on Bob Harris Sunday (aired October 28, 2012). Wilko talking with Bob Harris and playing some of his favourite records. The serious stuff starts at around 1:14. Enjoy!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Danny Boy et ses pénitents - Twist - #102

Danny Boy et ses pénitents - Twist

Here's another cover picture of Danny Boy et ses pénitents. There are four Twist tracks on offer, but again, I've really bought this for the cover. Although I have to say, the music is very good, make no mistake about that.



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rhythm Sophie - #101

Rhythm Sophie

Unfortunately, this lady doesn't have a record release on the market so far. I only found out about her, by checking tons of videos and, voilà, there she was. A virtually unknown singer in the Rockabilly corner. I believe Rhythm Sophie hails from Hungary and nowadays lives in Germany, trying to cut a career out of her talents. And that she has, no shortage. Excellent voice, strong delivery and a good presence.

There are lots of videos of her available, I leave you just with this one, a cover version of "Finders Keepers". Apparently, she's the lead vocalist for several bands and is far from stuck with one outfit. I can just shake my head, wondering why this singer hasn't got a deal with a label as of yet. I'm going to be the first to queue up for a gig and her first record release.



Monday, October 15, 2012

Dave Hunter - The Fender Telecaster, The Life & Times Of The Electric Guitar That Changed The World - #100

Dave Hunter - The Fender Telecaster, The Life & Times Of The Electric Guitar That Changed The World

I don't know who pointed me towards this coffee table book, might have been Roberto or Julian. Sorry, can't really remember, I'm just getting older and ... what did I set out to say?

The real reason I bought this here, is the fact, that Mr. Johnson has written the foreword and, yes, you could say, I got this only on the strength of this fact. Actually there are a total of five pages dedicated to the master of the Telecaster (including a fullpage class A photograph I haven't seen anywhere else).

Around 240 pages, excellent printing, interesting layout and quite heavy, I believe somewhere around 1.5 kilos. No doubt, this is not a book you'll be sitting down with and start reading from cover to cover, no, this is a coffee table book in the truest sense of the word. You'll have it in your living room, ready to pick up and browse a few pages. And, it's a conversation starter. This has been released by Voyageur  Press in 2012. If you're still making up your wishlist for christmas, here's a thought.



Danny Boy et ses pénitents - Twist - #99

Danny Boy et ses pénitents - Twist

Three reasons this EP is in my collection. To start with, this is a french Rock'n'Roll band from way way back and b) this is good music, a bit like Danny(!) And The Juniors. Lightweight Rock'n'Roll, if you want. And last but not least, this is a fantastic cover and I'm the guy to fall for this kind of stuff. Danny Boy et ses pénitents made several EPs in the same style and, apparently, four of the guys always appeared hooded at their gigs.

Extremely cool graphics! I need to get a hand on the rest of their output as well.



Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Untouchables - Keep On Walking - #98

Untouchables - Keep On Walking

Lee Brilleaux "produced" someone else's record, so why not Wilko Johnson as well? At least the claim is made on this cover and apparently, this has gone into local folklore. As with the Lee Brilleaux production job, I doubt that Wilko Johnson did much to "produce" this 7". The thing does sound like it had been recorded in an echo chamber, but the hardcore fan that I am, it found its way into my collection.

The music itself is, let me put it the nicest way possible, a complete ripoff. Four guys trying to copy Dr. Feelgood in looks and sound and in effect just patch bits and pieces from early recordings of the latter together and claim to have two originals on hand. Well my friends, aping someone else is not a statement of originality. I have no idea wether The Untouchables have released anything else, but I truly hope not.



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gaby Baginski - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Strandbikini - #85

Gaby Baginski - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Strandbikini

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted post #85 due to some software changes in this blog. I don't want to drop this german cover version of Brian Hyland's hit record. So here it is again (with #85 following #97, just in case you were scratching your head)



Bob Wayne - Outlaw Carnie - #97

Bob Wayne - Outlaw Carnie

One of the best LPs I've recently heard. I had to dust it off, because I bought it a while ago and it just sat amongst the "yet to listen to" LPs/CDs. Afaik, this is Bob Wayne's first release on a label (apparently he's made three albums in his own backyard, these were sold at his gigs and via his website). Some of the songs on offer here are reworkings from older material, but since nearly noone knows the earlier material, this is just as well.

What you get here is Country at its best. Yes, friends and neighbours, The Practice Rocks goes Country. I have a soft bone for artists like Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash and others from a distinctive history leading up all the way from the 1950's, as long as it's not the Nashville pop that's being sold as "Country" or "Americana". Bob Wayne reminds me of a lot of people, but somehow I can't get Angry Johnny And The Killbillies out of my head, although the latter don't really count as a Country outfit.

The LP is released on Peoplelikeyourecords on 180g vinyl (blue wax). I don't know about the CD, just that there is indeed a release. If you go for the LP, there's a dropcard for a free digital download included.



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

V/A - GS I Love You/GS I Love You Too (Japanese Garage Bands Of The 1960's) - #96

V/A - GS I Love You/GS I Love You Too (Japanese Garage Bands Of The 1960's)

Both CDs have a 1996 P/C, but I only saw an advert in a recent U.K. music magazine about two/three weeks ago. This is not really, what most folks would expect, a novelty release, although I must admit, there's some stuff on here that makes you grin, the cover of "Fire" (the old Arthur Brown ditty) for one just being such a point, but quite a showcase for the 1960's group sound from Japan. It's certainly not all garage bands, as the subtitle claims, but it's close enough to satisfy the serious music connaisseur.

What you get is 55 tracks of the most enthusiastic GS from the land of the rising sun. There's certainly nothing poor about the selection on offer. Even the few cover versions, "I Saw Her Standing There" among others, are outstanding, exotic and excellent. I won't go about the singers pronounciation in case were the chosen language is English, but there's a lot of lyrics in their native language as well. And, I have to admit, although my collection of Japanese music is numbering quite a few items, both CDs are well worth as a sort of stepping stone, if you want to explore this scene further. These releases are distributed by ace.



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys -Åh, vilken skiva! - #95

Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys - Åh, vilken skiva!

When I'm buying records, I sometimes add an item just because I do. There's no real reason why it catches my attention. The cover? The country? The artist? No idea, really! And sometimes it just so happens that a real gem comes into my collection, such as the LP by Swedish singer/composer/guitar player Eva Westwood and her merry band. I'm one to go for exotic releases and what could be more exotic than a Rock'n'Roll LP with Swedish vocals. Exactly! And to much of my surprise, this wasn't one for the strange and weird section, but one to place among the real stuff.

The songs have all a real 50's feeling and are mostly uptempo. Eva Eastwood has a very good voice and sometimes she reminds me a bit of Connie Francis, that's not to say she's a copycat, it's just a faraway echo that pushes through. An excellent band is backing her and the twelve songs on offer are just the type of longplayer that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to each and everyone with half an interest in vintage styled Rock'n'Roll. And if you go, "ah, I've heard all these record releases rehashing songs from 50 plus years ago, tell me something new", I'm leaning back, work in an artificial break, and before the suspense is unbearable, I tell you, that these are all Miss Eastwood's own works. There is not a single reheated song here.

Well, you can shut your mouth now, there's a draft in here. The album is also available on CD (and as an English version on CD only "Oh, What A Party!"). I was checking the internet to see wether I could include decent video footage to show you what this is really all about, but there's no better argument to state the obvious fact, that digital can't match analog. The stuff you find on the www sounds thin and not of a quality I'd like to see in this blog. I can't remember having seen/heard such a discrepancy between the two with any other artist. The LP sounds full, instruments/voice all in the right place and on the internet it's like you hear it through an empty tincan. I don't know about the CD releases, but I expect them to be of similar quality to the vinyl.

Eva Eastwood and The Major Keys have been going sometime since the 90's. Check out her website at She might be a well known artist in her home country, but I certainly had no idea about her. There are quite a few releases available and a good mailorder source would be



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shinobu Sakagami - Check In (featuring Wilko Johnson) - #94

Shinobu Sakagami - Check In (featuring Wilko Johnson)

It's becoming harder and harder to find releases with the participation of Wilko Johnson on the market that are not on my shelves yet. While my collection is far from complete, I seem to have turned into a very lazy guy during the last couple of years (or I finally got a life ...), but I'm not comparing catalogue number details as I used to do before. With age comes wisdom (so I hope) and I need to spend my days better than just trawling through the small print on the records in the collector's shops.

Having said that, I recently stumbled over this release by Shinobu Sakagami and had to have it, because it claims Wilko Johnson played guitar on a track called "Run Rhythm Run", although the Japanese Wilko Johnson website states that the master of the Telecaster has no recollection of playing for Shinobu Sakagami. Well, whatever, it sounds like our hero, choppy style and whatever. Could it be a fake performance by some copycat? I don't know, but I tend to believe that this is the real stuff.

As for the rest of this LP (as far as I know vinyl only), this is not a must-have. The best track by far is the one with the Wilko Johnson participation and I spare myself the work to list the other guest musicians. But to own a possible(!) sighting of the man, you need to be prepared to fork out some money, this doesn't come at a discount rate.



Monday, August 6, 2012

Wilko Johnson (in The Blues Magazine) - #93

Wilko Johnson (in The Blues Magazine)

Just in case you missed it (don't worry, you can order this online), our very own Mr. Johnson has a sixpager in the debut issue of the new Classic Rock offspring "The Blues Magazine".

Should you be wondering, the scan is of the real magazine, this comes in a cardboardsleeve with a different design.



Friday, August 3, 2012

Jolly Roger - Rock And Roll Machine - #92

Jolly Roger - Rock And Roll Machine
It's a bit of a workout to write a review about a band's longplayer, when one knows at least one member of said band personally. When I receive such a CD, I usually go "please God, make it be a good one, so I don't have to lie about the virtues of the album", and, I've not been let down so far. Usually the music is excellent and I don't have to worry about growing a nose one foot long. The guardians of Rock'n'Roll can vouch for me, I'm writing nothing but the truth here and I'm not even taking shortcuts or brush the statements up. 

The second serving of Finland's Jolly Roger, entitled "Rock And Roll Machine", lets you have 14 tracks, clocking in at just under 45 minutes. The tracks have been recorded in 2010 and 2011 and finally released this year. The big plus with this CD is, that all of the tracks are self penned (more about this later), and quite good ones they are.  Excellent soundquality, yet with exaclty the right dose of roughness. This is not your polished Sunday morning pop tune, this is Rock the way it should be played. Short, concise and to the point.

The whole enterprise starts with some kind of Blues/Bluesrock ("Sugar Daddy") with the Harmonica playing very hard and giving no way. Gets you a bit on the wrong foot, with an album title like "Rock And Roll Machine", but this is just a surprise moment, the song itself is first class. "Teleport Man" seems, to me at least, to be a Dr. Feelgood cover in disguise. Not that there's anything wrong with that, at the moment it's just killing me to remember where this riff is coming from. Yes, sure, I should know! But I have a Dr. Feelgood blackout now. You know how it is, it's on the tip of your tongue, but for the life of yourself, you can't get it out.
"Lover Man" proves, that Jolly Roger can shift gears down as well, although this is still a rocker, there's no "Kuschelrock" here. What's the thinking behind "M.I.L.F. Cow Blues"? Can someone explain this please? Not that I should have any strange ideas!  A track that owes a lot to Rockabilly is surely "Loveless". I'm pretty sure, any halfway decent Rockabilly fan would have me crucified for this, but it does sound like straight out of the fifties (well, maybe a bit exaggerated). And, hello, who's making an appearance in a further sort of cover version with "Come Back". I can't point my finger exactly to it, but my brain screams Hurriganes. Of course, it's an "original" again.
The line-up is as follows:
K. T. Kotila - Guitar/Vocals (of Jolly B. Good fame)
T. Levonmaa - Bass/Vocals
Ande Niemi - Drums/Harmonica/Vocals
By track ten, not that I needed to be assured, it dawned upon me, that trios (and it seems mostly to be a trio) are, where the real Rock'n'Roll meat is. Well, throw in some additional help every now and then, but the core of the Rock'n'Roll world since time began, is the trio. Everything else is pretentious noodling. Just listen to "Forty-Four", which is quite some example of what a stripped down band can achieve. Some musicians complain about having to play to many fills in a trio, which might be true, but on the other hand, I think with such a bare bones group, you're being kept on  your toes. There's no slack for you, you better pay attention all the time. I'm talking about R-O-C-K and not some, ahem, "Prog" or the like.
While the album slowly draws to a close, I have the feeling, "Evil In My Head" is another "cover". Now I'm leaning very far out of the window, but it does have traces of the Meteors (the Psychobilly outfit). What I actually wanted to say, is, when the 45 minutes are almost over, you realise that there was not a boring second in listening distance and you know, that you've just heard one of these rare albums that will make a return visit to your CD player every now and then. And then they leave you with the "Jolly Roger Rock'n'Roll", some kind of westside stadium screamer. Well, that's Rock'n'Roll for you. Aren't you glad Finland shows the world where the hammer is hanging?

And I haven't lied once in this review. You can order this CD via their website at and have yourself a pretty good time with this album.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wilko Johnson - Rapperswil June 29, 2012 - Part 2 - #91

Wilko Johnson - Rapperswil June 29, 2012 - Part 2

Just read today a rather lengthy review about Friday's event in Rapperswil and Wilko is just mentioned in one sentence

Wilko Johnson spielte Brit-Pop, der nach Talking Heads klang und nach 80er-Jahre Pop

This roughly translates as "Wilko Johnson played Britpop, that sounded like Talking Heads and 80's Pop.

Uh, yes! An expert speaking, I dare say. Seriously, the guy has no clue whatsoever.



Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wilko Johnson - Rapperswil June 29, 2012 - #90

Wilko Johnson - Rapperswil June 29, 2012

The Blues'n'Jazz Festival is a three day event, held right in the center of the town. Three main stages plus a few lesser ones. Wilko Johnson and band started the festivities at 1900hrs sharp and the whole set lasted just around 70 minutes. Naturally, I could have done with double or triple the length of the gig. But I really should be grateful that Wilko Johnson has visited these shores once again, and I should be even more grateful to the organisers of the Blues'n'Jazz Festival for booking our favourite guitar slinger.

Ecellent sound, crystal clear bass, guitar and drums and all those well worn song ditties, that somehow manage to sound fresh each and every time you hear them. As the event is more like a big public party (there's an entrance fee of around EUR 40.00 for a oneday ticket to be paid, but this is valid throughout the area), you didn't have the typical Wilko Johnson fan in the audience, although I did spot a few with their well worn Dr. Feelgood T-shirts.

It was a bit strange to see Wilko on stage at 1900hrs in glaring sunlight, but I believe he needed to be in Scotland the next day for a gig, so he probably took the flight back the very same evening (Zurich airport is close). The band was in excellent form and went down better than I had thought possible for this kind of background. I didn't catch the drummer's name when Wilko introduced the band, but it wasn't Dylan Howe. The very same day there was also Rudi Rotta on stage and if you waited long enough, you could catch Poppa Chubby as well.



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lita Ford - Living Like A Runaway - #89

Lita Ford - Living Like A Runaway

Lita Ford (of Runaways fame) has released a new album. I had my doubts about it, considering that the last offering, "Wicked Wonderland", was a b with an oring attached to it. And extremely so. I fully expected the new album to fight its corner with the predecessor. Took me on the wrong foot, I have to admit. This is actually one of the best rock platters to come my way for ,,, I don't know! The thing rocks and is a million miles away from the earlier outing. The recording is excellent and the sound is not the kind of roadwork operation that you sometimes hear with bands trying to make some sort of noise, just to cover their inability.

Excellent songs, there is not one filler on this album, and Lita Ford's vocals fit the performance like the proverbial glove. Excellent guitar work of hers as well, but the whole band is on top of the game. This is released as a double LP and includes a CD (you can also buy this as CD only, of course). Vinyl is coloured (mine is mainly dark red, I don't know wether there a any other shades to be found) and lets you have two bonus tracks that are not on the standalone CD. One thing that is a bit irritating, the music reminds me sometimes of Alice Cooper ca. late 80's up to late 90's. Could be my imagination only, but the songs could well be played at an AC gig (although Mr. Furnier would have to write some new lyrics, as these were mostly not really his).



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wilko Johnson - Looking Back At Me - #88

Wilko Johnson - Looking Back At Me

The book has finally been released, albeit with a slight delay. It had a June 2012 street date (up from April 2012 - see #54) and I got it yesterday. I'm not going to write a review, but the haptic perception of the item is very good. Lots of never before seen pictures (and some that are familiar) with a little less text. I don't think I need to tell you to order this in your local bookshop. Enjoy!



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ducks DeLuxe - Riviera Shuffle - #87

Ducks DeLuxe - Riviera Shuffle

This is a 2011 release from Jungle. Live in Monaco. Until about five minutes ago, Jungle was a class A label in my books. This here is trash. Unbelievable, legit labels are still releasing recordings that make any audience tape an aural highlight. I've heard a few bad live recordings, but this one takes the cake. No selfrespecting bootlegger would release something like this. Thumbs down and in future I make sure, I listen to a Jungle release, before I buy the CD (if I'm buying any other release from them at all, that is).

I'm only at track three right now, but it feels like half an hour has passed. I'm not sure I'm going to make it through the whole CD ever. Not recommended! Definitely not recommended!



Friday, June 8, 2012

V/A - El Mexican Rock & Roll, Vol. 1 + 2 - #86

V/A - El Mexican Rock & Roll, Vol. 1 + 2

If you're like me, always looking for the strange, exotic and wonderful, you might have seen these two CDs and were tempted to fork out your hard earned cash. Batman to the rescue! Forget about it. This is a misnomer as they come. First, there's very little in the way of Rock'n'Roll on these two discs. This is more like show music that could be heard around the 60's and 70's on TV. With accompanying dance troupe. In other words, extremely boring stuff. I've quite a few compilations of 50's lounge music on my shelfs, but the stuff I have is hot, thîs here is dead.

If this was the state of Rock'n'Roll in Mexico in the 50's, I'm sorry for the guys and girls there at the time. Must have been awful to be presented with this crap. Sometimes I think they are pulling my leg, Some covers of songs that have been ridden to death, are very badly presented. Of the nearly 60 tracks on offer here, only a handful can be called Rock'n'Roll. And what's more, some of these tracks are pulled from very very scratchy records, the stuff you'd get rid of, no matter how rare it is. Frankly, I don't understand El Toro, I would never have expected them to release such trash. It took me a few attempts to make it through these CDs. Buy yourself a few beers but avoid this at all costs.

P.S.: On the inlay card it says "The sound will CHARGE you!" (El Toro's spelling). Yes, I put my fingers into the next socket, see what happens!



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lee Brilleaux - Memorial Statue - #84

Lee Brilleaux - Memorial Statue

I found this in June 2012's MOJO. A hoax, no doubt about it (or rather, just the vehicle to get rid of 100 prints that I personally wouldn't buy). Period.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shonen Knife - Pop Tune - #83

Shonen Knife - Pop Tune

Everyone's favourite band, Shonen Knife, will be releasing a new album in June 2012. Here's a taster:

Just today I finally got the "Candy Rock" CD. I've been looking for this one almost forever and a day.



Monday, May 21, 2012

Janis Joplin - The Pearl Sessions - #82

Janis Joplin - The Pearl Sessions

A classic every which way! And listening to this extended version, an interesting piece of history that's being brought into 2012, a mere 41 years after the fact, it still sounds great. Wether you need the sessions or the bonus tracks is up to you, but just speaking of the music, this has aged very well. Not at all really! The tracks sound as fresh today as when I first heard the original way back, when hippies still roamed the earth. Listening to this here, I seem to remember when tracks from this album were in the charts and played on the radio.

It's strange how some music is interesting even after four decades and some has gone absolutely flat. Say the Doors, whose music I was listening regularly to, but haven't touched in about 20 years (and will probably not make another attempt in my lifetime). The Doors were o.k. for the second half of the 60's and were never meant to go any further. Janis Joplin on the other hand, speaks to the rock connaisseur even though she/he might be hard of hearing today. There's also a 2 x 10" vinyl release available.