Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pogues - In Paris - #108

Pogues - In Paris

I'm a hardcore fan of Dr. Feelgood, Wilko Johnson, Doctor's Order, Alice Cooper, Angry Johnny And The Killbillies and a bunch of others ... and of the Pogues. I've seen them live with Shane drunk and I've seen them live with Shane drunk and ... I've seen them with Joe Strummer. The real deal however, was always the line-up with their erstwhile singer. Not that this is against Joe Strummer, I'm a fan of the Clash and I think Mr. Strummer made some exceptional solo records, but the Pogues were always their truest when it came to Mr. MacGowan taking vocal duties. When they had their reunion a while back, I was a bit worried about this being another tired and washed-out band taking the stage because money has to be earned somehow. And if it's to make the clown on stage, why not (in their thinking)?

I haven't seen the current Pogues yet, but I would like very much to do so. On the strength of this live album alone (recorded during two nights in September 2012 in Paris - gone are the days when one had to wait years for a live recordings being made public), the sooner the better. I'm not getting heated up about live albums. Usually. But this is a rare exception, as the thing grips me from start to finish. These are my Pogues and I don't want to hear a bad word about it. Just fantastic, I really wish I'd been there during those two nights.

The most beautiful Christmas song ever made is also present, this being, of course, "Fairytale Of New York". But, my dear Pogues, this is a song forever in my mind with you, Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl. Beautifully played here, exceptionally well sung, but Kirsty is missing and noone can ever take her place.

You can buy this as a double CD, a triple LP or a CD/DVD box (all three versions have recently arrived here, but I haven't seen the video footage yet, so no opinion about this), or as a single DVD. It's Christmas time coming up, so let it be known that you wouldn't be angry about one of these releases finding stuffed in your socks.

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