Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Suzi Quatro - Aggro-phobia - #109

Suzi Quatro - Aggro-phobia

Suzi Quatro? Yes indeed, Suzi Quatro. I'm really having, not an aggro-phobia, but a Suzi-phobia. That is to say, until a couple of years ago. They say, with age comes wisdom. Took a little longer for me to get here. No, really, if you'd have a younger sister who was a fan of some musician back then in the day, you'd be forgiven not to listen to closely. I mean, it took me ages to appreciate Status Quo and these days, I can even deal with the likes of Smokie. But this is now and now says, Suzi Quatro was great.

O.K., she always looked hot in her petite frame and her leather suits. I admit this freely. And can I say, she's looking bloody good all these years later. Not the same, she's certainly aged along with the rest of us, but still ... she must be sixty (or thereabouts). Aggro-phobia is an album I've been trying to buy on vinyl since someone mentioned this as his favourite Suzi Quatro album some years ago (hello Mellow!). But the thing is, original vinyl on the market is mostly in a deplorable state. So, a CD had to do and was bought today during lunch break.

Suzi Quatro's albums are an uneven bunch of releases (mostly to do with her vocals, on some it's excellent and on others she's overdoing her little girl act by a country mile). This here is the "normal" Suzi and the better for it. This is not so much Glam but Rock and, although there are no hits of hers on this album (or maybe because of it), this is indeed a worthwhile bit of music history. There are no gimmicks here, just straight Rock music. I can't say wether this was the prevailing sound in the mid-70's, as I wasn't into this scene, but I believe, it sets itself somehow apart from most of the other releases around that time. Even the covers such as "Heartbreak Hotel" or "Wake Up Little Susie" are well worth listening to.

The new CD (on Cherry Red - GLAM CD 131) packs eight bonus tracks on top of the original ten songs. I don't know wether they have been released somewhere else, but I can say, they've not been pulled from the trash can. And, Mellow, thanks for bringing this to my attention.



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