Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lita Ford - Living Like A Runaway - #89

Lita Ford - Living Like A Runaway

Lita Ford (of Runaways fame) has released a new album. I had my doubts about it, considering that the last offering, "Wicked Wonderland", was a b with an oring attached to it. And extremely so. I fully expected the new album to fight its corner with the predecessor. Took me on the wrong foot, I have to admit. This is actually one of the best rock platters to come my way for ,,, I don't know! The thing rocks and is a million miles away from the earlier outing. The recording is excellent and the sound is not the kind of roadwork operation that you sometimes hear with bands trying to make some sort of noise, just to cover their inability.

Excellent songs, there is not one filler on this album, and Lita Ford's vocals fit the performance like the proverbial glove. Excellent guitar work of hers as well, but the whole band is on top of the game. This is released as a double LP and includes a CD (you can also buy this as CD only, of course). Vinyl is coloured (mine is mainly dark red, I don't know wether there a any other shades to be found) and lets you have two bonus tracks that are not on the standalone CD. One thing that is a bit irritating, the music reminds me sometimes of Alice Cooper ca. late 80's up to late 90's. Could be my imagination only, but the songs could well be played at an AC gig (although Mr. Furnier would have to write some new lyrics, as these were mostly not really his).



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