Friday, June 8, 2012

V/A - El Mexican Rock & Roll, Vol. 1 + 2 - #86

V/A - El Mexican Rock & Roll, Vol. 1 + 2

If you're like me, always looking for the strange, exotic and wonderful, you might have seen these two CDs and were tempted to fork out your hard earned cash. Batman to the rescue! Forget about it. This is a misnomer as they come. First, there's very little in the way of Rock'n'Roll on these two discs. This is more like show music that could be heard around the 60's and 70's on TV. With accompanying dance troupe. In other words, extremely boring stuff. I've quite a few compilations of 50's lounge music on my shelfs, but the stuff I have is hot, thîs here is dead.

If this was the state of Rock'n'Roll in Mexico in the 50's, I'm sorry for the guys and girls there at the time. Must have been awful to be presented with this crap. Sometimes I think they are pulling my leg, Some covers of songs that have been ridden to death, are very badly presented. Of the nearly 60 tracks on offer here, only a handful can be called Rock'n'Roll. And what's more, some of these tracks are pulled from very very scratchy records, the stuff you'd get rid of, no matter how rare it is. Frankly, I don't understand El Toro, I would never have expected them to release such trash. It took me a few attempts to make it through these CDs. Buy yourself a few beers but avoid this at all costs.

P.S.: On the inlay card it says "The sound will CHARGE you!" (El Toro's spelling). Yes, I put my fingers into the next socket, see what happens!



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