Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shinobu Sakagami - Check In (featuring Wilko Johnson) - #94

Shinobu Sakagami - Check In (featuring Wilko Johnson)

It's becoming harder and harder to find releases with the participation of Wilko Johnson on the market that are not on my shelves yet. While my collection is far from complete, I seem to have turned into a very lazy guy during the last couple of years (or I finally got a life ...), but I'm not comparing catalogue number details as I used to do before. With age comes wisdom (so I hope) and I need to spend my days better than just trawling through the small print on the records in the collector's shops.

Having said that, I recently stumbled over this release by Shinobu Sakagami and had to have it, because it claims Wilko Johnson played guitar on a track called "Run Rhythm Run", although the Japanese Wilko Johnson website states that the master of the Telecaster has no recollection of playing for Shinobu Sakagami. Well, whatever, it sounds like our hero, choppy style and whatever. Could it be a fake performance by some copycat? I don't know, but I tend to believe that this is the real stuff.

As for the rest of this LP (as far as I know vinyl only), this is not a must-have. The best track by far is the one with the Wilko Johnson participation and I spare myself the work to list the other guest musicians. But to own a possible(!) sighting of the man, you need to be prepared to fork out some money, this doesn't come at a discount rate.



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