Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys -Åh, vilken skiva! - #95

Eva Eastwood & The Major Keys - Åh, vilken skiva!

When I'm buying records, I sometimes add an item just because I do. There's no real reason why it catches my attention. The cover? The country? The artist? No idea, really! And sometimes it just so happens that a real gem comes into my collection, such as the LP by Swedish singer/composer/guitar player Eva Westwood and her merry band. I'm one to go for exotic releases and what could be more exotic than a Rock'n'Roll LP with Swedish vocals. Exactly! And to much of my surprise, this wasn't one for the strange and weird section, but one to place among the real stuff.

The songs have all a real 50's feeling and are mostly uptempo. Eva Eastwood has a very good voice and sometimes she reminds me a bit of Connie Francis, that's not to say she's a copycat, it's just a faraway echo that pushes through. An excellent band is backing her and the twelve songs on offer are just the type of longplayer that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to each and everyone with half an interest in vintage styled Rock'n'Roll. And if you go, "ah, I've heard all these record releases rehashing songs from 50 plus years ago, tell me something new", I'm leaning back, work in an artificial break, and before the suspense is unbearable, I tell you, that these are all Miss Eastwood's own works. There is not a single reheated song here.

Well, you can shut your mouth now, there's a draft in here. The album is also available on CD (and as an English version on CD only "Oh, What A Party!"). I was checking the internet to see wether I could include decent video footage to show you what this is really all about, but there's no better argument to state the obvious fact, that digital can't match analog. The stuff you find on the www sounds thin and not of a quality I'd like to see in this blog. I can't remember having seen/heard such a discrepancy between the two with any other artist. The LP sounds full, instruments/voice all in the right place and on the internet it's like you hear it through an empty tincan. I don't know about the CD releases, but I expect them to be of similar quality to the vinyl.

Eva Eastwood and The Major Keys have been going sometime since the 90's. Check out her website at http://www.evaeastwood.se/. She might be a well known artist in her home country, but I certainly had no idea about her. There are quite a few releases available and a good mailorder source would be http://www.goofinrecords.com/.



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