Friday, November 2, 2012

Cherry Tess And Her Rhythm Sparks - You Can't Plan A Thing - #104

Cherry Tess And Her Rhythm Sparks - You Can't Plan A Thing

There are female Rockabilly singers who are o.k., some are good, some are even excellent ... and then there's Cherry Tess whose on the very top, where the air is getting thin. This is, at least by my count, her third full longplay release. And it's the third on an equally high level. Released in 2012, this CD offers Class A Rockabilly. It's not very often you hear such an excellent singer and you could be forgiven for thinking that Rockabilly originates in the Swedish hinterland.

But make no mistake, the Rhythm Sparks are not to be outdone and come through as a very competent band with a lot of drive. But to me, the icing on the cake is Cherry Tess' voice. There's presence there and none of the girlie stuff that you can sometimes hear on Rockabilly records. Not unlike Rhythm Sophie a couple of entries back, or a subdued Wanda Jackson. On second thought, disregard "subdued". Here's 15 tracks for the connaisseur, alternating between orginals and cover versions.

I need to warn you, if you listen to this CD, you're going to buy the two previous ones as well. Guaranteed! This here is released on Enviken Records (EnRec 159).



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