Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Untouchables - Keep On Walking - #98

Untouchables - Keep On Walking

Lee Brilleaux "produced" someone else's record, so why not Wilko Johnson as well? At least the claim is made on this cover and apparently, this has gone into local folklore. As with the Lee Brilleaux production job, I doubt that Wilko Johnson did much to "produce" this 7". The thing does sound like it had been recorded in an echo chamber, but the hardcore fan that I am, it found its way into my collection.

The music itself is, let me put it the nicest way possible, a complete ripoff. Four guys trying to copy Dr. Feelgood in looks and sound and in effect just patch bits and pieces from early recordings of the latter together and claim to have two originals on hand. Well my friends, aping someone else is not a statement of originality. I have no idea wether The Untouchables have released anything else, but I truly hope not.




  1. Walking The DogARC117

    The Untouchables - Walking the Dog (Re-mastered)

    I Can Tell
    Keep It Outta Sight
    Boom Boom
    Lucky 7
    Cheque 7
    Cheque Book
    Talkin 'Bout You
    Walking The Dog
    She Does It Right
    I'm a Man
    You'll Be Mine

    The album we believe was recorded live in SAM Studios by Steve Street in 1978 or 1979.

    Mastered by Steve Street 2009

    To listen:

  2. ...and the band featured Jerry Tremaine on vocals and harp.
    Jerry now runs Wilko's facebook page and website I believe amongst other things and guests at Wilko's gigs occasionally, usually on "Twenty Yards Behind".