Saturday, August 21, 2021

Roger Daltrey And His Rightwing Opinions - No. 249

Roger Daltrey And His Rightwing Opinions

It's a shame really when people who stood at the forefront of youth culture and rebellion tend towards the right and voice this dangerous mindset now that they are well beyond one foot in the grave, just because they can and find platforms. Of course, some, like our Mr. Daltrey (who had his 15 minutes of claim to fame in an outfit called The Who) don't have to care about the working poor, the ones depending on social welfare, in fact, the ones cleaning up behind the well to do, who can continue to divide nations. 

Rebellion seems to drift towards Trumpism/Johnsonism/Berlusconism/Orbanism and the like where fake news is the currency of the day. I don't acquit the simple minds of a nation from blame by quoting the "Rattenfänger von Hameln", no, they brought this upon themselves and it's now part of an ongoing effort to clean up behind the people who're leaving us a mess in every country in the world. 

Roger Daltrey is an outspoken pro-Brexiteer (and he made this clear in an interview ca. 2019) and has since backpedaled because of possible restrictions for U.K. artists performing in the European Union. This is a historical joke upon Mr. "hope to die before I get old" (he backpedaled out of this as well). Now, at 70+ years of age and a well made comfy bed stuffed with millions of pounds, he thinks the world waits for a guy at retirement age, explaining to the people what to do now. Mr. Daltrey, noone should give a toss at what you're saying on a good day.


I admit it, I have quite a selection of Who releases acquired over the decades, but it hurts my brain, just thinking that I've sunk my cash into rightwing propaganda. However, truth be told, Mr. Daltrey is not the only one I can't stand these days. Culture (music, literature, performing arts etc.) can't be separated from everyday's life. Someone with a high profile does have the latter only because they excelled in another field and they should stick to it. To spill this kind of venom shortly before dropping off the face of the earth is an insult to every thinking person's views (unless they are brainwashed from the far right and wallow in self-pity, conspiracy theories and fake news).

As for me, I'd be glad never to hear anything anymore from the former Who vocalist, either in song or through his spoken wisdom in papers or magazines. I believe the people showing off themselves at their ripe old age seem to have lost their grip with reality. All the best to you Mr. Daltrey and I hope you'll get better, the industry is working on a therapy.




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