Wednesday, April 28, 2021

LPs made out of recycled vinyl! 2021! - No. 247

LPs made out of recycled vinyl! 2021!


No, the header is not a joke! At least when it's up to Rhino who had the bright idea to go full bonkers on a release of an LP made out of recycled vinyl. Read all about it (The Who) in: Rhino's marketing dept. back to the past and let me quote Wanda Jackson "'Cause I'm a Fujiyama Mama and I'm just about to blow my top!". 2021! I had to check we're not back in the 70s, and Rhino comes hopping along and has the guts to sell a reissue of an album to the public by thinking the label and their marketing honchos are the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Let me tell you, you're not! You've gone from a decent (sometimes good) label to the absolute bottom of the barrel. You're trying to sell your cheap shot at getting a free ride on the climate change issues as a service to humankind, when all you do is throwing up a smokescreen. Rhino, you swivel chair warriors, you might be much too young to remember the 70s when your forefathers tried this stunt already and failed miserably. Granted, it was back in the day because of oil shortage, but history showed what the result was, a product not even good enough for a landfill.


And now your blabbering about saving the earth by saving carbon dioxide and we should buy it off your greedy hands. Thanks, but no thanks. I tell you something, even though I'm one of the people to buy every product that has been released which bears the Dr. Feelgood name (as long as it's not with Bobby on the mic), I'll gladly pass on this. And there's one more, I'll pass on every other product that'll be released by Rhino in the future. And I do something for the climate, you won't have to ship so much of your needless product around the world.


Keep on pulling your customers' legs, I won't shed a tear for you and your miserable excuse of a has been.





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