Monday, April 18, 2011

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Buy Beg Or Steal - #4

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Buy Beg Or Steal

A Swiss/Italian/English band from Zurich. They've been going for some years now and have just released their 5th album, called "Buy Beg Or Steal". Plus there's a sort of "Best Of", totalling their output to six full CDs. In a way, Switzerland is not the worst place whenever you want some decent Rockabilly and the Hillbilly Moon Explosion are here to prove it. Although, theirs is not the in-your-face Rockabilly that you might expect. There's lots of excellent songwriting to be heard, some of it very laidback and owing more to a performance in a bar at midnight. Most of the tracks are originals written by the band (or by one or two of their members). Maybe you remember "Johnny Are You Gay?" from one of their earlier albums, which almost became a hit.

The killer argument to listen to this CD (and all the others that came before this one), is a certain Emanuela Hutter, she of lead and backing vocals and rhythm guitar duties. Whenever she sings, there are some tracks sung by Oliver Baroni, the sun just rises in the East. Never mind come midnight. In fact, would it be my call, I would've handed vocal duties over to Mrs. Hutter on all tracks. I get a bit distracted when Oliver Baroni takes the mike. Emanuela doesn't have a rough, shouting voice, as so many female rockabilly singer seem to think is absolutely necessary. No, hers is a nice, soothing voice, but by no means girlish. It's just perfect and you will understand why Mr. Baroni is slighty off the mark, when you listen to the CD. One of the few cover versions is "Enola Gay", which, thankfully, finds Mrs. Hutter at the mike.

"My Love For Evermore" is one of the most noteworthy tracks on this album and there's a video to it as well. Emanuela Hutter sings this song together with "Sparky" of Demented Are Go. For more information, go to



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