Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wilko Johnson - Don't Let Your Daddy Know - #113

Wilko Johnson - Don't Let Your Daddy Know

"Unfortunately" this is my musical diet these days. When I'm at home, some Wilko Johnson record is on the turntable or a CD is in the player. Not that I have to force myself to listen to the man, it's just a bit akward in the face of the recent news. I've followed the man since I became aware of Dr. Feelgood sometime in 1974 (that was before they even had their debut album out on the street). And I have to say, Wilko Johnson has ever since been a benchmark of my musical life. It really is strange, how one puts so much meaning into someone he hardly knows.

The title track is a masterpiece on this CD. 13+ minutes of the most relaxed, the most rocking and the most in your face Wilko Johnson you can imagine. The song has been included on other Wilko solo live releases (and of course on the "Malpractice album as a studio version), but this here is by far the best, quite an understatement, let me try again, a state of the art version of this song. Every time I'm playing this album, the CD goes in and plays track number four first and only then can I start from the beginning. A masterpiece! But the whole album is on top of the competition, talk about a desert island disc, here we go! Of course, this is also on my smartphone, so when I need a shot of R&B, it's ready to be brought out.

Afaik, the CD is long OOP and there was a time around five to ten years back, when you had to pay around EUR 50/60 for a secondhand copy. Prices have gone down in the meantime and you should be able to fish it for around EUR 20/25. Worth every cent and then some, I have to add. If it just wasn't for the bad news I'm listening to this CD now.$



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