Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pogues - Just Look Them Straight In The Eye And Say ... Pogue Mahone!! (Box Set) - #135

Pogues - Just Look Them Straight In The Eye And Say ... Pogue Mahone!! (Box Set)

I knew there was a box set around, but until a few days ago, I wasn't aware, that this is unlike any other box set you've seen. I've to ask myself under which rock I've been these last five years. I've seen the Pogues many times live on stage (with Shane MacGowan or with Joe Strummer). I've been there since I don't know when and I've seen the original line-up on stage. Thank you! I've traveled the country to see the band and I've seen soundchecks that made me think, how's their singer going to make it until the evening. He did and it was a great performance. I got kind of used to Joe Strummer (not the least, because the Clash have a place in my heart as well) and in general, life was as good as can be. Until the day Shane quit the band (he was thrown out) and then the slow decline of the band was set in motion. Although they haven't released a really bad album since then, the fire was gone. The return of their foremost singer a couple of years ago didn't spark any new projects into life. All that came from this stint, was a live CD/LP/DVD from a rather recent show in Paris. Very welcome and excellent stuff, but I'm still waiting for new studio material. It probably won't come about.

And in mid 2013 I finally realise, that the box set (uh, I have already everything by the Pogues, I don't need another "Best Of") turns out to be a monster 5 CD-release with out-takes, alternate versions, demos, rare B-sides and some live tracks. In short, there are more than 100 tracks on offer and most of it is unreleased and can't be found anywhere else. If this set wasn't from the year 2008, I'd name it release of the year without a moment's hesitation. For me, this is the box set to which all other box sets have to be measured up against. I know, some provide more gimmicks like fake tickets, imaginary yearbooks, postcards and other paraphernalia, but this for the music fan, pure and simple. A revelation!



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