Thursday, September 19, 2013

Norman Watt-Roy - Faith & Grace - #146

Norman Watt-Roy - Faith & Grace

It took a while until the CD was released here in Europe (September 13, 2013) and it occupied a slot in my letterbox yesterday. It would have been easy for Norman to go the Ian Dury/Wilko Johnson way, but he presents a very eclectic album here. I don't know wether this could have been expected, but to me this is a hell of a CD. There's a lot there that I like about music in general, the fast bits and the quiet parts. There's a certain Jazz influence, and since I have a very soft spot for this genre, Norman is preaching to the already converted. Not that I would call this a Jazz record by any stretch of the imagination.

Very interesting take on "Roxette" (with Wilko on guitar and vocals), by no means a straightforward delivery as is known to mankind. I'm not sure wether a diehard Wilko fan will appreciate this (I do!), but I think your taste of music needs to be a little bit out of the box as well. This CD is near perfect and there's no use to revert to beancounting. A real contender for album of the year.



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