Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shamrock Rebels - Irish Rebel Songs - #150

Shamrock Rebels - Irish Rebel Songs

Sometimes you come across a record that's so bad, it's bloody excellent. I've been to Ireland a few times, read up on the Troubles in too many books to remember them all and I've seen the Wolfe Tones live in concert when they were at the very top. I've been to Belfast when it was a war zone, I've had Dart games in villages whose names I can't recall (but where they probably still speak in awe of this stranger who teamed up with a local and put the other team to shame). I've been smashing drunk in some hamlet there, heard of Elvis' death when travelling the country and been to pubs that seemed to cave in, all it needed was a little cough. And I did buy the cheesiest record available to mankind.

Now, this might be a strange record, but I do play it every now and then and frankly, it's a joy to listen to the organ grinding through two sides of this LP, the band acting like they're at a Saturday night dance and couldn't care less about the history that speaks from these songs. I have more "serious" Irish rebel songs LPs in my collection. But this is the one I listen most to, at a rate of one spin every year. And as it should rightfully be, this is accompanied by a Guinness Special Export and a dram of Jameson to toast the Shamrock Rebels who had no shame, back in the 70's to release such a killer record. Sometimes the worst are the best.



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