Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home - #164

Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home

What do you expect from a chef who mixes strawberry icecream with minced meat? Well, after you've survived the first shock and given it some time to settle in your stomach, you're thinking, this eatery must have three stars, no questions asked. Although, I have most of the Who's output in my collection, it did take me by surprise first. Hearing some stranger's vocals on songs that are entirely Wilko's. But fear not, two or three spins of the entire album and you're hooked.

Roger Daltrey is doing a very good job and, I seem to keep on repeating myself, since I used this very same term in another connection as well, is not apeing Wilko's vocal style. Well, that would have been something to listen to. But then, Mr. Daltrey is also a million light years away from his usual bread and butter job. He does sound quite at ease with Wilko's songs and even tracks like "Sneaking Suspicion" are well worth listening to again.

The extensive use of keyboards is something else, not entirely standard on Mr. Johnson's output. But again, this is great and lets you hear those well known ditties with a twist. "Everybody's Carrying A Gun" has lost some of its dark under tones and is more of a happy go lucky song now. One of the highlights is certainly "Turned 21", a song that's been among my top 10 Wilko Johnson tracks, since it was released way back when. This is a great great version. I can't say for sure, but it sounds like it's being played at around half the speed of the original. And what it does to the song, thumbs up!

There's no use going through this album track by track, just let me add, that the first song, "Going Back Home" makes your entry into this world of Wilko Johnson/Roger Daltrey collaboration very easy. Lots of harmonica, which could be well by Mr. Daltrey himself, I don't know, as I don't have any information re recording etc. As a diehard Wilko fan, you might need some time to settle in. Give the album the chance it deserves and you'll be rewarded in spades.




  1. Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey - London 2014 - Full Concert.

    Sound and video is a bit wobbly for the first minute or two, while I was getting my sights set. There's also about 20 seconds missing at the start of Keep It Out Of Sight while I changed battery and SD card, other than that it's all there.

    Part 1: Wilko Johnson (Guitar/Vocals), Norman Watt-Roy (Bass), Dylan Howe (Drums)
    1. All Right
    2. Barbed Wire Blues - 3:37
    3. The More I Give - 8:07
    4. Dr Dupree - 11:42
    5. When I'm Gone - 15:57
    6. Roxette (long version) - 24:30
    Part 2: Wilko, Norman, Dylan, Roger Daltrey (Vocals), Mick Talbot (Keys), Steve Weston (Harmonica)
    7. Going Back Home - 30:35
    8. Keep It To Myself - 34:32
    9. Please Crawl Out Your Window - 39:45
    10. Keep On Loving You - 44:00
    11. Some Kind Of Hero - 50:03
    12. Ice On The Motorway - 54:36
    13. Sneakin Suspicion - 57:58
    14. Everybody's Carrying A Gun - 1:03:50
    15. Keep It Out Of Sight 1:08:15
    16. All Through The City - 1:13:13
    17. I Can't Explain - 1:17:40
    18. Keep It To Myself (again!) - 1:21:40

  2. Brilliant!
    and #1 in the amazon UK charts!!!