Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hank Ray - Everybody's Into Rock'N'Roll - #188

Hank Ray - Everybody's Into Rock'N'Roll

I don't really have a top ten (or top onehundred) of my favourite songs. There's too many good songs and I happen to forget a lot of them after a while. Of course, when I kind of rediscover them, I know exactly why this certain track is in my spotlight. Hank Ray's "Everybody's Into Rock'n'Roll" is different. Either I can't remember the guy's name or I can't find the CD and have to do with a clip on YouTube.

The video should be widescreen viewing, though. Cheeky bit of footage, excellent transformation of the song. "Everybody's Into Rock'n'Roll" has me kind of dancing through the flat every time I hear it and since I happened to find the CD in my collection quite accidentally today, this song has been playing a couple of times.

There's a few things to be said about this track. First, Hank Ray sounds like a Johnny Cash on half mast and second, this is no Rock'n'Roll at all. If I'm not completely mistaken, this is more of a Waltz. I think I get the joke. If you want to buy this one, it can be found on "Mainstream Death Country", a CD that's a couple of years old. You might have to do some searching. And there's some more excellent songwiting to be found on this album.



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