Friday, October 9, 2020

Eight Rounds Rapid - Love Your Work - No. 238

 Eight Rounds Rapid - Love Your Work


A new one from Eight Rounds Rapid, "Love Your Work". This one is available on CD and LP and has been released in August 2020. As with the previous releases, I can't quite figure out what I'm listening to. I like their sound and the songs very much and yet, I'm still at a loss. This is probably human nature, your brain files everything in drawers and if you don't find the proper one, you panic. I hear traces of Industrial and Motorik with a dash of Punk and the urgency of the British scene ca. mid-70s.

The album is very, very British. In a way, if you like the Jam, you're on safe ground. Not that they sound like Paul Weller and Co., but their englishness is exactly the same. Mind you, this is not your Sunday morning fare, your brain does have some food for thought here. I'm not going as far as to call it avant-garde, but again, you can see it on the other side of the fence. The album is perfect for me, but then, I'm a fan of Industrial, Avant-Garde, Noise ... don't ask me. 😎

To pick one track over the other is a moot point here, since the release works as a whole ... and I might add "only". At the moment I can't imagine just listening to one song or two and be done with it. The CD/LP begs to be played at the complete duration. The 12 songs come in at just 30 minutes + and everyone with half a brain should be able to muster this attention span. And you'll be rewarded plenty. "Love Your Work" is a remarkable release and I know, it'll keep me busy for some time to come. If you have troubles finding the release for sale, go to the band's website or get it from Juno. I got my CD and LP from the latter, since I don't have PP anymore and that's all the band offers as a payment option.



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