Monday, June 6, 2011

Happotedit - Mäntsälän kapinalliset - #18

Happotedit - Mäntsälän kapinalliset

Sometimes I'm just buying a CD or an LP because something strikes me as weird and strange. I don't know what it was with this album. The fact that the guy on the cover stands in some street in the finnish province in the middle of winter, sporting a tigerprint coat and a pink shopping bag (nothing to say about his socks and shoes) or that all fourteen songs have finnish titles. No idea.

There's not much on the internet, at least nothing that I can understand. A translation of the song's titles into English was all I could find. And the fact, that the lyrics seem to be on the funny side. I wasn't sure wether Happotedit was trying to pull my leg, because this is, frankly speaking, one of the stranger Rockabilly outings in the world. Strange but essential listening. I have to dig very deep to find an album in this genre, that radiates so much fun. Even though the guy could sing (or can't sing as someone else has it) in any other language that I don't understand, Finnish is somehow fitting. It carries the Rockabilly feeling quite well.

The band is surprisingly good as well, since they seem to be an ad hoc formation and it's just about the singer who's the only one turning up for each and every gig. I don't know and this is about the extent of my knowledge. The whole thing clocks in at under half an hour. Release is on Jungle Records from 2006 (JARI1). Rockabilly rules!



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