Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dr. Feelgood - I'm A Man (Test Pressing) - #17

Dr. Feelgood - I'm A Man (Test Pressing)

It's always a delight, to stumble over such an item, especially when you least expect it. This one, I've found about a year ago in a record shop (amongst the trash, really). And for a good price as well. Not unlike on auction platforms, where you get into bidding wars with fellow Dr. Feelgood fans and in the end, you're still not holding it in your hands, although you've bid somewhere in the three-digit range.

What is amazing, is, that these records still turn up. I mean, here we are, more than 30 years after the fact and you can still find precious items like that. One would have thought, that the record shops of this earth have been picked clean by now, but no, there's always the possibility that you find an excellent addition to your collection. The 7" is a one sided test pressing and, as you can see, has a handwritten remark about distortion. To me this is one of the priceless items in my collection and when I'm telling you what I had bought it for, you'll go green in the face. Ready, set and go! Less than £ 20.00, that's what!



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