Sunday, May 29, 2011

Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order - Hot And Rockin' - #16

Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order - Hot And Rockin'

Now that I've listened to the CD a couple of times, I can safely say, that this is a very fine release indeed. If you want to know what I have to say about it, please go to my review on my website at I assume, that everyone, who reads this blog, knows about Johnny Spence and Doctor's Order. If not, then this here's for you: Johnny Spence was the bass player and vocalist in the Pirates (Mick Green and Frank Farley) and Doctor's Order are flying the Rock'n'Roll flag from Finland and have released a number of albums over the years.

For the benefit of those, who only check out this blog, let me just point out, that this is a very clean production. Although this is in the Rock'n'Roll lane, it comes through as a very relaxed piece of work, and with relaxed, I don't mean boring. Quite contrary, this is a very interesting CD and is entertainment at its best. Doctor's Order have a run and Johnny Spence is a match they could have only wished for. Excellent vocals, reminding me sometimes of Lee Brilleaux. Yes, let me swing on the gallow for this blasphemy, I won't take it back.
Most of the songs are covers, but they are well chosen, even though, personally I would have waived "Parchman Farm". Not a bad song, no way, but I've heard it a couple of times over my limit, from legions of bands. Compared to the earlier collaboration between Johnny Spence and Doctor's Order, this is, without putting "Full Throttle No Brakes" down, an improvement of sorts. I can't really put my finger to it, but I'd give this release at least an additional half star rating above the earlier album. What with said album already having a top rating, is almost an impossible task. This is heavy rotation stuff and I highly recommend it. Release is on Goofin' Records (GRCD 6169).



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