Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Musica Transonic - Same - #13

Musica Transonic - Same

This trio from Japan, consisting of members of High Rise And Ruins, have released this CD in 1995. There are a number of albums available, but this one, their debut, is still the most remarkable piece of plastic they've put up for sale. I'm very much into Free Jazz, Avantgarde, Noise and Japanese Underground. That's how I came by this record. It still has a slot in my Jazz corner. But Jazz it isn't.

This instrumental trio makes such a ruckus here, you'd think they are going to blow their amplifiers any second. It's hard to say when listening to a CD, but this is loud loud music. Some call it Hardrock, they call this Contemporary Improvised Heavy Psychedelic. Whatever, it's certainly not your normal "let's bring the house down" 08/15 Hardrock. There's a tendency to go brutal, when exceeding a limit in Rock. It tends to sound pretty uninteresting like Death Metal or this kindergarden stuff they used to call Grunge. But then, the musicians from High Rise or Ruins come from a totally different angle.

You won't whistle any of these tracks on your way to the supermarket, but the harsh sound, the excellent workmanship on the instruments, the interesting performance and the difference to everything (well most) you heard before, makes you come back to this CD time after time. No, this is a Rock CD, no matter what someone else might say about it. And one to enjoy too. If the old remark of "listen loud" was ever true, then it's certainly for this piece here. The only negative point is its brevity, the thing runs for only about 36 minutes. By this time however, your neighbours will be upon you.

I'm not sure, wether the CD is still available as new stock (PSFD-61), but I did check some online auction platforms and the thing is readily available there as a 2nd hand item (and not very expensive either). If you're the adventurous type, then let go of the few EUROs/Quid/Dollars and do yourself a favour by buying this.



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