Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shonen Knife - #12

Shonen Knife

Shonen who? Never mind. The band has made a dent in the history of popular music. Not a big one, but nevertheless a dent. And I'm a huge fan of the band. They've started out in their native Japan and it took a while, before their first international release was available. For a time, they were every critic's darlings, but these days, it seems, they're hardly remembered at all. Remembered? What am I talking about? They still are performing and releasing new records. The band had a few ups and downs, namely the accidental death of their then drummer and a lot of line-up changes over the years. There's only one original member left, but the band is still going strong, having lost none of their power.

The songs are mostly very strong material and what you get is singalong tunes, that are so catchy, you have it in a loop in your brain. But make no mistake, this is not of the kindergarden-clap-your-hands variety. This is R-O-C-K music. Sung with a funny accent, but this is a tight fit. Vocals and music are one unit and you wouldn't want to have one without the other. Here's a video ("Top Of The World") that shows very well, what this band is all about. A good time! Unfortunately, I've never seen them live. That's something I must do and if I need to travel to Japan, so be it. Here's their website:



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