Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hurriganes - Live In Hamina 1973 - #58

Hurriganes - Live In Hamina 1973

Finnish legends Hurriganes are no more, but they're still spoken of highly in their native country (and elsewhere in the world, where good music is appreciated). I'm being told that it is mandatory in Finland, for every household to own at least ten Hurriganes albums and play them on a daily rotation. Just let me tell you, don't go anywhere near Finland and tell them that you're not a fan of this band. I hope you've made your last will up, before setting out on such a suicide commando.

When one has thought to have heard everything Hurriganes, up comes a live CD. Don't fret about the booklet, it's all in glorious Finnish, which could well be Chinese to me. That is to say, I haven't got a clue what it says. I suppose it's the Hurriganes' story. What you get here are eleven tracks, played in the Hurriganes style. As much as I applaud such a release, there's some aspects that need closer inspection. In a way, the Hurriganes are, at least to me, an original band. Their covers always having been few and far between. Here they come up with eight and a half covers (out of the aforesaid eleven). That's a bit on the lazy side. Although I do admit, that they are delivered excellently, there's no doubt about it.

The line-up is Remu Aaltonen, Cisse Häkkinen and Albert Järvinen (the band had some changes during their existence). With regards to soundquality, well, it certainly wasn't the Rolling Stones mobile unit to catch this for the enjoyment of future generations. While it's not exactly bootleg quality, it's no HiFi sound either. You don't want to test your stereo with this one. One of the "original" tracks is "My Sweet Lily" and, I'm sorry to say, well nicked is still stolen. But these are minor quibbles when you think about what the album has in store for you. An excellent performance of a band who has rightfully earned their status as a legend. Rock'n'Roll Hurriganes style. Well worth a purchase, despite my nagging. Released on Love Records LXCD 677 in 2011.

Have yourself a rockin' great Christmas and lots of good music in 2012 and beyond.



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