Friday, April 6, 2012

Ernest (Erny) Cadet (Action) - R.I.P. - #77

Ernest (Erny) Cadet (Action) - R.I.P.

Erny died just over a year ago, on March 25, 2011. He was certainly one of the good guys and happened to be the drummer in Action, the early seventies band from Zweibrücken/Germany. I'm glad I got to know Erny and to have witnessed the one off reunion gig of his band in 2008 ( Here's a clip from this performance (with a new singer).

There are more videos from this concert where this one is coming from. Erny, you're still being missed! There's a CD available (Garden Of Delights CD 149) with the original tracks from 1972 plus a few bonus ones from their 2008 gig. At the time, Erny did also release a DVD of the event. I'm not sure this can still be had, try your luck.

P.S.: Just found some newspaper clips on the internet, apparently there's going to be a memorial gig, which is supposed to be an annual event. First one will be on April 14, 2012. Can't make it this year, as I'm already heading to some other place, but I'll make sure, I'll be there in 2013.



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