Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mighty Four -Pt. 2 - #76

Mighty Four -Pt. 2

Only almost a year later this CD has finally found its way into my CD player. Talk about fast! I'm going to review the CD on my website (link will follow as soon as its up), so this here is just a short one. Eight tracks clocking in at just below the half hour. But as the saying goes, rather a first class 30 minutes, than a boring full hour. The band seems to be more diversified, compared to earlier releases and there is even a heavy Blues of sorts ("Meet Me Down The Corner"). They call it High Class Jump'n'Blues, but there's a good slice of Rock'n'Roll to be found as well. Recommended listening of the month and contender for a top spot in the 2011 shortlist of albums. Did I say I was late?



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