Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dr Feelgood - Private Practice - #72

Dr Feelgood - Private Practice

The other day, I found this CD in a local shop. Apparently a re-release (GRANDCD32) in a digipack. The old Grand release was GRANDCD01 and came in a jewel case. I don't see anything different than the catalogue number and a slight alteration to the cover. I didn't have a clue as to this release until this afternoon and I don't know wether other albums are in the pipeline to get the same nontreatment. The Cadiz website is not very informative and other sources are hard to come by.

Unfortunately (for me), I'm the kind of guy who needs to buy this stuff, even though the album is in my collection a few times over. I just hope, that Cadiz leaves it at that, because I really don't need to buy the whole backcatalogue again. But there you are, once a Dr Feelgood fan, always a Dr Feelgood fan.



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