Monday, March 5, 2012

V/A - What Is The Definition Of Rock'n'Roll? Dr. Feelgood Tribute Concert (DVD) - #69

V/A - What Is The Definition Of Rock'n'Roll? Dr. Feelgood Tribute Concert (DVD)

Recently I got a copy of this DVD and this is a strange one. First of all, despite the subtitle "Dr. Feelgood Tribute Concert", there are a few songs that Dr. Feelgood haven't had in their repertoire. Second, the video is not a concert film as such, but clips taken from rehearsals, probably soundchecks and what else there is. Plus a bit of live footage as well. The whole thing is interspersed with what I believe to be the artists in the film replying to some questions. This is all in japanese and there are no subtitles. You either follow this without having the slightest clue or you are fluent in the language. The main footage seems to be from a rather small club, but even the setup is strange, you can hear people talking and yet there is a band in full flight being shown, there's just no sound coming from them.

The bands involved here number around 13 to 14 (hard to say really). Of course, I'd like to show you the list of bands and the songs they have on offer here, but it's useless, most of the writing on the cover is in japanese as well. One thing is to say, these folks are very enthusiastic. The music goes from straight Dr. Feelgood covers via a bit of Grunge (well one of the singers looks like a broken down Kurt Cobain) and a detour through Country & Western to murdering songs like "Milk & Alcohol" (including milk carton on the keyboards).

It's a very interesting video, but not a must-have, if you're "only" into Dr. Feelgood. It'd help if you had a soft spot for japanese music and their brand of Rock'n'Roll. From what I can see, this has been filmed in December 2007. Don't expect HD picture quality. This is quite grainy (almost throughout), with a few exceptions. As far as I know, this DVD has been out of print for some time.



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