Saturday, March 17, 2012

Soundquality Of Early 70's Records - #71

Soundquality Of Early 70's Records

I know, the soundquality of a lot of Pop and Rock albums during the early 70's is nothing to write home about. Flat, muffled, recorded from six blocks away (through closed doors) and with a hard-of-hearing sound engineer twiddling the knobs. LPs with a substandard sound from this era are legion. And I'm not talking about some backyard label doing their stuff on the latest 1940s equipment, no, these are major labels that didn't seem to fork out for a decent product.

I haven't heard one of these cucumbers for a long time now (I was getting used to the albums in fact), but just the other day I bought an old fashioned vinyl album of Genesis' "Trespass". Holy Moly! I have to dig very deep to find a bootleg that sounds worse than this. Have we really listened to this crap all those years ago? Sure, our playback equipment was not very HiFi back around the end of the 60s/beginning of the 70s, but this one takes the cake. I'm not talking about the musical quality, what I'm shooting off about is the soundquality.

Of course, there was a dip in reproduction, cutting, vinyl and whatever around that time (that lasted for about five years), but if you listen to some other releases originating from this bygone era, there's much better quality involved. I believe it was mostly the artists that went for the masses, that were affected by this low-fi thing. Although there are a few exceptions. Normally I'm dead set against any remastering, but this is a case where it's required (and I believe they have done so, I'm just fiddling with an old LP, but that's me). Not even "The Knife" pulls this out to light.



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