Monday, April 1, 2013

Wilko Johnson - Recent Articles In The Press (Update) - #127

Wilko Johnson - Recent Articles In The Press (Update)

You always wanted to know how to play like Wilko Johnson? Here's your chance, GuitarTechniques magazine #216 (Spring 2013) has three pages on our man. Apparently, you must have an easy/moderate ability to follow this. But best is "I'd advise you take a look at Wilko's playing on YouTube. If he stands still for one second you'll get the opportunity to see just how freely he mixes up strumming, picking, plucking and a whole host of other exciting bangs and bashes.".

The CD, that comes with the magazine, has a handful of Wilko samples to offer. Don't expect anything like an extended solo or the like, this is all very brief. But the item is going into my collection as a curio. The only drawback is, that GuitarTechnique is rather expensive. A cover price of UK£ 5.50 (US$ 15.99) is not exactly on the cheap side. The equivalent I paid for this at the newsstand is in Euros around 17.00



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