Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Urban Voodoo Machine feat. Wilko Johnson (Part 2) - #157

The Urban Voodoo Machine feat. Wilko Johnson (Part 2)

Meanwhile, the 7" (on red vinyl) and the CD single have found their way to this place here. Interesting stuff, to say the least. Aficionados of Wilko Johnson should head straight for the B-side. Here, the master of the telecaster is in full flow and, I have to admit it, put a grin on my face when I heard this ditty the first time around. In fact, I'm still smiling when I listen to the song. Wilko at what he does best.

The A-side? Of course, superb performance of our hero, but I've got a bit of a problem with the song itself. Sounds a bit like a broken down Tom Waits leftover. And, frankly, I've had enough of Tom Waits to last a lifetime. Excellent songwriter and performer, no doubt, but he's been overdoing it by a country mile for the last 15 years. The guy used to be an innovator, he's just a nuisance these days. And copying him, what does that make you? But still there's Wilko on it and these days I take every bit I can get of the man.

In a review I read, that it takes some guts to ask Wilko to play guitar on a song called "Help Me Jesus", Well, he did it, doesn't mean he has to back the lyrics. Both songs are worth having, the first one only because you can't go without anything that has Wilko's name on it, but it's really the second track where your heart is. Buy it, no matter what I, or someone else says.



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