Sunday, September 28, 2014

Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order - Kickstart Your Mojo - #181

Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order - Kickstart Your Mojo

Well, the CD's been in my player for a few days now and I'm trying to let it settle. Head over to my website for a thorough appraisal of album #3 of the Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order collaboration. I'm a bit confused right now. These are 12 tracks, three of them witten by Johnny and 9 cover versions. Some of the latter are very well known, yet they point in a completely different direction from what one might be used to. Let's say, you need to get used to those songs from a completely different angle.

There's an overlaying reference to I don't know what, but I'm trying to figure this out by the time the review is on my website. And if this takes me all year long! Let me say what I know for sure so far: The playing time is, with around 33 minutes, quite short and before you turn around, the CD playtime is coming to an end and needs a restart. But my personal take on this is, better a good short album than a boring, "pulls your socks off" 70+ minutes offer. I believe, I mentioned this before.

Doctor's Order pull it off just beautifully, again rough, the right side of production and not filed down to death. And yet, the proficiency comes through and leaves no doubt about the class act they are. I might be out in the cold with this one, but of the three Johnny Spence & Doctor's Order albums, this here is the one where Johnny sounds the most like in his Pirates days. My personal favourite here? How about "Rockin' My Life Away"? Don't ask me, but I thought of Wild Bob Burgos in a flash.

Released on Goofin' Records GRCD 6183. You can order it directly from them, send a message to the band or order it at your local dealer. They can easily get it for you. Do yourself, the world and everyone in music a favour and do not buy from corporate mailorders. They'll sell you stinking socks if need be. Support the people that are your friends.



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