Sunday, November 30, 2014

Utrecht Mega Record & CD Fair November 2014 - Part 2 - #186

Utrecht Mega Record & CD Fair November 2014 - Part 2

Here are two more remarkable items I've found at the Utrecht Mega Record & CD Fair this year. I already had a beat up copy of the original U.K. release, plus an original German Vertigo copy and the Repertoire release (and the CD version, of course). This is a first release U.K. copy that comes as close to mint as possible. It didn't come cheap though. First thing I did upon returning home, getting rid of the thrashed U.K. sleeve I had already in my collection and turning the German original Vertigo platter into a frisbee. So, now, I have this m/m first release U.K. copy, a m-/m- Repertoire release and a strange first release U.K. vinyl matched to a first release German Vertigo sleeve (and the CD of course)

And this here: I've been looking for this LP for forever and a day. I have my uncensored playing copy, a stone mint archive copy and the CD of course. The censored version eluded me for decades. All that ever seemed for sale were vg/vg copies at best. This here is as mint as can be and an excellent companion to my regular archive copy. The price was o.k. too, in fact, quite a bargain at EUR 120.00

In case you're wondering what the censoring bit is here, below is the original version.



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