Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wilko Johnson - Barbed Wire Blues (CD Reissue) - #184

Wilko Johnson - Barbed Wire Blues (CD Reissue)

Just saw a rerelease of this CD today in a shop nearby. It's on Jungle FREUDCD026, "Made In The EC", comes with a clear inner tray and the inlay (the part facing you when you open the jewel case, shows Wilko holding a guitar and a barbed wire running on the left side. The rest is the same as previously issued and I should think, that the songs are a one to one copy of what we've got before. There's probably no new mastering, which is fine with me. I don't need to adjust my hearing aid just because some sound engineer took artistic liberties with the album.



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  1. Jungle press release in 2010 said it was re-mastered. Just marketing BS though? How can you re-master something that was released originally on CD (as well as vinyl) anyway? For the life of me it sounds exactly the same as my original CD FREUD 26 from 1988.