Sunday, March 13, 2016

Riyoko Takagi - The Debut! - #195

Riyoko Takagi - The Debut!

Don't ask me! No idea how I came across Riyoko Takagi and her debut album "The Debut!". All I can say, once I checked out videos on the internet, I knew that I was dabbling in a "musical" genre, that's not really mine. Forgettable and mediocre music, somewhere between cheap Dance stuff, that you actually believed was stone dead since at least 1996 and Easy Listening, Japanese style.

Not knowing what to say about this "music", I better talk about her videos. Except, there's not much to say either. Ms Takagi seems to perform almost everytime showing her two sales points (covered by a bra) to the public. O.K., she's definitely good looking, but she (probably) overdid it on surgery. Less is sometimes more, actually.

The video is kind of funny though. There's almost nothing else for the camera to show but her breasts. Nowadays the "sex sells" videos seem to be the fashion of the day, but this here is ... well, I've seen a few Japanese music videos that exploit the female gender in a way you wouldn't see in a video around here, not that I can come up with any.

The CD comes with a DVD as well, so, it's your choice. Just don't expect any revelations regarding music. You've been warned. I like the package!



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  1. I agree that that video was not her at her best. Check out this more recent one, gal shows her beauty and her talent: