Sunday, March 22, 2020

Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue - Live At The Louisiana - No. 226

Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue - Live At The Louisiana

The third CD from Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue. I don't pretend to be aware of this band since time began, in fact, they only came to my attention via the current Pete Gage release. I'm not that nosy, but someone endorsed by Pete, well I had to check it out and bought myself the two studio albums and here we are, a live one. Before the suspense is killing you and you can't get to the end of this review, it's a great album. Nothing to see here anymore. Thank you!

The name Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue might be a tad misleading, because it's so much more. Blues, sure, but there's also Rock'n'Roll or a dinner for two instrumental (I kid you not), well worth the price of admission. You won't get the rough type of Blues here, it's more the polished variant, although I hasten to add, it's not overpolished. You'll not be "Bored To Tears", if I may quote Greg Koch. This CD will keep your mind set on the music.

As hinted above, this Blues (etc.) is not your headbanging, stagediving kind of music. It's very laid back a lot of the time and there's brass and keyboards and it's like a puzzle, since all pieces fall into place quite nicely. The music does speak to you in a peaceful way and it says "listen to me, you can bring all your problems to the table when this is over and done with, but right now, you're here with me". And if you're anything like me (be careful what you wish for), you do as you're told.

Having said what I just said, there they are, accelerating up the hill and "Sweet As Honey" blares out of the speakers. Serves me right to call this "laid back a lot of the time". Well, let me rephrase this, the CD is diverse and that's what I like as much as the professional playing, the excellent recording and the songwriting (four tracks are Ruzz's originals). You get a total of eight tracks (wether the other four are covers, I can't say, without any research into the matter), clocking in at just under the fifty minute mark.

I've listened to it quite a few times since I got it in the mail and somehow, I think this is a close contender  for album of the year 2020. I'm not pulling your leg. And now over to a commercial: Please do support bands such as Ruzz Guitar's Blues Revue, because, especially now, they don't have any income from gigs when everything goes belly-up. Don't let bands such as this hold the short end. CDs can be bought at their website.

Thank you!



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