Monday, August 8, 2011

Pirates - Shakin' With The Devil (The Best Of) 1977 - 1979 - #33

Pirates - Shakin' With The Devil (The Best Of) 1977 - 1979

Ever since I bought the 1971 LP "Johnny Kidd & The Pirates", way back, when I was young, very young, I've been a Johnny Kidd & The Pirates fan. To me, the old chestnut about only two true rock'n'rollers coming out of the U.K., and one of them being Johnny Kidd, hasn't lost a fraction of truth. These songs, I can listen to, without ever growing tired of them. Although I don't buy into the statement that only Johnny Kidd's backing band with Mick Green, Johnny Spence and Frank Farley were the real deal (that would be putting down the other guys that played in other incarnations of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates), the aforementioned trio is certainly a major line-up in the history of the band and with hindsight the only one to carry the torch.

In the 70's, our powertrio got started again (minus Johnny Kidd of course - R.I.P.). And there was a lot of good music being released by my heroes (and some awful stuff, but that was, when Mick Green had a Pirates sans Johnny and Frank going). You want to stick to releases by this core trio. Take my word for it. Here's the Pirates 1977 to 1979 when they had their highest post Johnny Kidd profile. This being a "Best Of" you might go "Aw, I don't need another compilation. Got all the official releases anyway". You're dead wrong. First of all, this double CD is available for a very nice price. You're not going broke, buying this item. Second, there's some unreleased material on the CDs, including radio promo spots (although I think you want to listen to the latter only once, but it's nice nevertheless) and third, the compilation as such is very enjoyable. Both CDs clock in at a little more than 75 minutes. Excellent sound quality, double fold-out digipack and a nice and informative booklet with lots of pictures. Released on Salvo as SALVODCD219. And if you want to visit the Pirates website (well worth it), here's the way to go:



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