Monday, August 1, 2011

Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare 2 - #32

Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare 2

The new Alice Cooper album should be released sometime in October 2011. It's, of course, the sequel to "Welcome To My Nightmare". At least, it's marketed as such. The remaining members of the ACG have contributed to this longplayer. To what extent, I can not say. But I don't really expect a full (minus Glen Buxton, of course) outing of the ACG on this CD (not even for one track). However, it'll be the closest you'll get to the original line-up again. There's a fan pack available with the CD and some goodies such as a 132 page magazine and a current Alice Cooper interview. Plus, I think, there's a poster involved somewhere (although that might be just if you order it within a certain timeframe). The whole thing is not even GB£ 16.00 (includes postage). You might want to point your browser in the direction of Classic Rock magazine (U.K.) for more information and how to order it. And what makes this even more of a treat, there's bonus tracks on the CD, otherwise not on the album and you'll get it about one month before it hits the high street.



P.S.: I just read, that there are at least six different releases, all with bonus tracks (and you have to buy the lot, if you want all of these "bonus" tracks). Well, that's marketing for you. Thank you very much. Downloading the stuff for free, looks suddenly like an option. If only to draw a line at some point.

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