Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dr. Feelgood - Oil City Confidential (Japanese DVD Releases) - #31

Dr. Feelgood - Oil City Confidential (Japanese DVD Releases)

Japan has seen its own release of the Dr. Feelgood "Oil City Confidential" film. There's a single version available (PCBP 52035) and a "Premium Edition" (PCBP 52034) which is a 2-DVD set and apparently limited (whatever that means in these days, when even a 2'000'000 copy release is limited). There are a few differences to the European edition. Covers, for one.

But also, the DVDs don't come in a slip case, but rather the standard plastic one (with the 2-DVD release also sporting an OBI). The accompanying booklet is very different from the one we're being used to (and not only because this is written in Japanese). Different pictures (mainly), totally new graphic outlay. The lot.

As for the presentation, here are the differences between the various issues:

European release:
1. Main feature film
2. Lee Brilleaux interview
3. Wilko Johnson outtakes

Japanese single DVD release
1. Main feature film

Japanese 2-DVD release
Disc 1:
1. Main feature film
Disc 2:
1. Lee Brilleaux interview
2. Wilko Johnson outtakes
3. Wilko Johnson interview (about 60 minutes)
4. Julien Temple interview (about 10 minutes)

Now, wether or not you need these two versions as well, is, of course, your decision. I've answered this for myself already.




  1. Hi there (Devon!),
    Can you throw some light on the Wilko 60 minute interview please. Is it newly done for this release or available somewhere else already?
    P.S. Used to live in Newton Abbot, Devon back in the day while at Uni.

  2. Hi Julian

    I've not seen it anywhere else and as some questions pertain to matters after the release of this film, this is certainly a new interview.