Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Крекерс - Замес На Рок'н'ролле - #26

Крекерс - Замес На Рок'н'ролле

Or, for the few non-russian speaking folks that visit this blog, Krekers with "Zames Na Rok-n-Rolle". This band from St. Petersburg released their debut album in 2010 (on Bomba-Piter Inc.) and unfortunately, it seems to have sunk like a rock. Thankfully some specialist mailorders have it in their catalogue. Now, I'm pretty sure you don't think Russia is the world's foremost post to go, when you want Rock'n'Roll. Maybe not, but it'd be a very grave mistake, not to make the detour via the aforementioned St. Petersburg.

What you get here, is one of the most interesting Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly releases I've heard for a while. Fourteen tracks, and all of them selfpenned. And, I have to point this out, of excellent quality. I challenge you to name a recent release that's even close to this level, albeit still looking at the competition from down below. Fantastic musicians with a very good singer. And now, I'm telling you that eleven of these songs are sung in Russian and you go, ah, that doesn't work, Russian is not a Rock'n'Roll language. Sorry to say, but you're wrong. It fits. The last three tracks are English language songs and with them, the CD clocks in at just beyond three quarters of an hour (which is a very long album by this genre's standard) and not a second where you wish a song would be cut short.

Besides a very clean production (not overdone), it's the vintage/modern mixture that pays tribute to decades of good music. Especially interesting, at least for me, is the prominent feature of saxophone. This is an instrument which is very dear to me (although I don't play it myself, but have always wanted to). You'll hear it on almost every track on this CD. Just trying to remember if there's a song without the sax. No, I don't think so. My heavy rotation list has never been so busy, what with Steve Hooker, Doctor's Order, Hillbilly Moon Explosion and Happotedit all lining up to get a slot. Right now is a good time to find and enjoy new music.

There's a website mentioned on the back of the cover http://www.krekers.spb.ru, get your Russian language skills to work.



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  1. Thank's for a review!

    Phil, double bass player of Krekers:)