Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Setting A Goal - #27

Setting A Goal

I’ve actually been thinking, in a low sort of way, to get rid of the collection. Well, one day I will need to make a decision. Either someone will dump it in the municipal waste disposal or I’m selling this off, before I face the grim reaper. Not that I intend to sign off any time soon, but one has these funny thoughts. I could also take a few year’s early retirement and finance my living out of the proceeds of selling the collection on the internet. No decisions have been taken as of yet. But, and this is an upper case BUT, the next question is, should I sink any more money into the collection?

When is the time to stop collecting? I mean, when there’s no more good music to be bought, is not really a target you can set for yourself. That’s an endless avenue, especially if one has an eclectic taste in music. My latest idea, I’m collecting records until I can listen a whole year through, 24/7, without repeating anything. Well then, I should be thinking about closing down rather soon, but there’s still a few slots open. On the other hand (there’s a fist, as Jona Lewie used to say), I can give the thought a few twists and turns and see what I can come up with.



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