Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dr. Feelgood – Classic And Brilleaux (Japanese CD-Releases) - #30

Dr. Feelgood – Classic And Brilleaux (Japanese CD-Releases)

Both of these albums have seen a limited release in Japan in 2006. What makes them special is the fact, that they are housed in cardboard sleeves. As far as I know, only these two got the treatment from the Dr. Feelgood back catalogue. Although both releases are OOP, there’s still a few mail orders, where you can buy it. The CDs have been manufactured with some kind of high definition wizardry called K2 HD coding.

Of course, you know the sleeves of “Classic” (both) and “Brilleaux”, thus I’ve scanned the covers of the booklets that come with these releases. Both have the lyrics in Japanese and English and what appears to be some kind of Japanese liner notes. No English language writing for the latter, I’m afraid.

Both CDs have bonus tracks. “Classic” is expandend with "What Do You Think Of That" and "Don't Underestimate Your Enemy" and “Brilleaux” gets an extension with "Don't Wait Up (Extended Version)", "Something Good" and "Rockin' With Somebody New". Sure, this is not something that a Dr. Feelgood collector doesn’t already have in the collection, but there you go. I mean it’s not like there’s a ton of unissued outtakes around (although I’ve been told otherwise – the stuff is still in the vaults). Naturally, both albums come with an OBI, as is the norm with Japanese releases. You won’t buy this because you haven’t heard the material yet (and I doubt that you’ll be the audiophile who buys this on the strength of an obscure high definition format, in which case you’re better off with your old vinyl anway), but because you’re a completist in dire need of additional material to get your collection to the max. Nice enough items they are. You won’t be disappointed.

Release out on Victor catalogue number VICP-63342 ("Classic") and VICP-63341 ("Brilleaux").



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